The Angry Birds Movie: Trivia

Love playing the Angry Birds game? May 2016 will be an amazing one for you as The Angry Birds Movie will be released! In the movie, the pristine Bird Paradise will be invaded by Green Piggies as they steal their precious little eggs!

Here are a few facts about the Angry Birds. Careful for spoilers!

  • Released in 2009, the Angry Birds game has been downloaded more than one billion times across all versions and platforms.
  • The characters featured in the movie have been given animated arms from the shape of wings to make their performances more animate.
  • In the game, Matilda drops explosive eggs while flying but in the movie, she expels egg-shaped fireballs that explode on impact.
  • The movie also shows the Might Eagle flying with his whimsical wings.
  • The reason behind Red’s anger will be finally revealed in the movie. It apparently dates back to his early childhood as he was made fun of his abnormally large eyebrows, giving him the nickname “Eyebrow.”
  • Terrence ( Sean Penn) does not say a single word throughout the whole movie!
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