5 Bollywood Kids Who Totally Resemble Their Parents

Of course a child will look like his/her parent, you might say. We don’t disagree. But there are times when the similarities are so striking that you can’t help but stop and marvel at God’s personal photocopy machines!

Don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at these pictures and see for yourselves!

Aryan Khan (Son of Shahrukh Khan)


That face-cut, those thick eyebrows. Even the demeanour. Aryan has SRK written all over him, doesn’t he?

Hrithik Roshan (Son of Rakesh Roshan)

Hrithik Roshan

Add a moustache to Hrithik’s face, and you’ll find yourself staring at his superstar father Rakesh Roshan’s photograph. Those misty eyes only cement the uncanny resemblance shared by the popular father-son duo!

Soha Ali Khan (Daughter of Sharmila Tagore)

Soha Ali Khan

Sharp features, a long nose and a pair of beautiful eyes – those are gifts Soha Ali Khan inherits from yesteryear’s superstar (and of course her mother) Sharmila Tagore!

Karishma Kapoor (Daughter of Babita)

Karishma Kapoor

Many say that Karishma resembles her father Randhir Kapoor very much. But this photograph shows us otherwise, doesn’t it?

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Sanjay Dutt (Son of Nargis)

Sanjay Dutt

Sanju Baba, as Sanjay Dutt is fondly called, may look more and more like his father the late Sunil Dutt as he grows older. But his younger self reminded everyone of his beautiful mother, the legendary Nargis Dutt. And we can all see why!

Special Mention: AbRam Khan (Son of Shahrukh Khan)

The adorable toddler has the entire nation gushing over his cuteness. But little did we know that King Khan was equally cute when he was his son’s age!

Surely there are several more actors and actresses that bear a striking resemblance to their parents. Why don’t you list out some names in the comments section below!