3 Record-Breaking Roller Coasters From Around The World

Who doesn’t like theme parks? More specifically, who doesn’t like roller coasters?

If you ask me, roller coasters might just be one of humanity’s most impressive feats of engineering. The technical skills required to build these looping, winding structures, and ensure safe movement of high-velocity cars on them is stupendous. Not only have they given birth to many an adrenaline junky, but also formed groups of several anxiety-riddled individuals.

No matter what your stance on these marvels of speed and safety, it would surely do you no harm in having a look at these record shattering roller coasters from around the world!

The Longest: Steel Dragon 2000

Steel Dragon 2000
Steel Dragon 2000. (Photo: Janma / Wikimedia Commons)

While most popular roller coaster rides offer a combine thrill of speed and height, the experience is relatively short lived. And that is precisely where Japan’s Steel Dragon 2000 takes the cake. A whopping 8,133 feet long, the Steel Dragon opened in the year 2000 — which, incidentally, also happened to be the year of the dragon in Asia.

The Steepest: Takabisha

Takabisha (Photo: Alex Brogan / Wikimedia Commons)

Perhaps the most exciting part of a roller coaster ride is the steep drop. All mayhem breaks loose as your ride plunges down from high above in the sky. The feeling of spine meeting stomach (and the resultant adrenaline rush) is simply unbeatable. Steeper the plunge, greater the excitement.

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The world’s steepest incline is a part of the Takabisha roller coaster in Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. Angled at 121 degrees, the drop serves as the climactic centerpiece for the entire ride!

The Fastest: Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa
Formula Rossa. (Photo: Pelykh Konstantin / Shutterstock)

The world’s largest in-door amusement park, Ferrari World (located in Abu Dhabi), is also home to the world’s fastest roller coaster- the aptly named Formula Rossa. Utilizing a hydraulic launch system, the coaster is launched across a flat stretch of track – travelling 60 km in just two seconds!

The coaster tops 241 km/h and exerts a staggering 1.7Gs of force on its riders. Talk about speed!

Ever had a chance to ride any of these incredible machines? Know of some more? Let us know in the comments below!