What’s Gripping the World: Euro 2016!

Impatient fans waiting for the match to kick off amidst a stadium brimming with life and colour, bustling with the cheers of fans and music. The teams chosen, the mascot selected and all eyes are on the coveted trophy, we know that the football fever is all set to begin.

As the temperatures soar high (or drop down!) and the frenzy surges globally with the UEFA European Championship 2016 (popularly known as Euro 2016), we have a very special gift for all football aficionados.

Look no further as here is all of what you need to look forward to during the month long tournament –

This is the 15th edition of the EURO and will be held from the 10th June to 10th July, 2016. The tournament which takes place after every 4 years will be hosted by France this time. After beating Italy and Turkey in a bidding process, this will be the third time that the country will be hosting the championship.

The matches will be held in 10 stadias over 10 different cities in France!

The tournament is going to be different as for the very first time it will be contested by 24 teams. The format used since 1996 allowed only 16 team teams to participate – more reasons for football enthusiasts to be thrilled!

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Euro 2016 Draw

The opening song in every match will be the David Guetta feat. Zara Larsson track “This One’s For You” and the closing will feature the song “Free Your Mind” by Maya Levelle.



The official mascot for the EURO is Super Victor, a child superhero wearing a red cape, similar to the colour of the flag of France. The child’s superpowers are claimed to be his cape, boots and ball. His name is synonymous to the idea of victory and was shortlisted after a public voting, beating the two other name options – Dribloux and Goalix.

Euro 2016 Mascot

The official match ball is Adidas Beau Jeau and was unveiled by Zinadine Zidane on 12 November, 2015. The name literally means “Beautiful Game” or “Beautiful Play”. It has a unique design with orange and blue coloured stripes that add up to ‘EURO 2016’.

Adidas Beau Jeau