Kabali Fever Grips The World: Thalaiva Power!

A name which says it all, a name that is enough to rock the entire nation, a name that declares a holiday! Are we talking of a political or spiritual leader? Erm no, we are talking of the God of movies, Thailava- Rajinikanth!

With incessant memes that boast of Thalaiva’s powers, making the other look trivial, there’s a reason why social media can’t stop gushing over the megastar. As his latest movie Kabali is just about to release and has gripped the nation like no other, here are things that show us all the buzz the movie has made in the country.

This isn’t Chennai, it’s Mumbai!

Nobody can afford to miss out this one!

Waiting for movie tickets is so not Rajini style! Advance booking!

Now that’s Thalaiva power!

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Fans, dear fans!

What better gift to give your employees!

Need we say more?

Rajini fever goes global!

Thalaiva rules the roads!

Sky is the limit for Kabali craziness!

Rain or sunshine, Rajini fans never disappoint!

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