#LBBPlayingThisWeek: New Movies To Check Out This Weekend

Into movies? We thought you might be. If you’re the kind who likes to keep up to date with the upcoming releases every week, {who doesn’t?}, we have something for you. LBB, with the help of Paytm, is going to sift through the upcoming box office releases every week, and bring you the best movie{s} you could watch every Friday evening {or Saturday morning, whatever works for you} movie plans.

Let’s get right down to it!

Star Trek Beyond

Directed by: Justin Lin

Genre: Sci-Fi

Running time: 2 hr

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Image source: Star Trek Movie via Twitter
Image source: Star Trek Movie via Twitter

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen Star Trek or not; thanks to the Internet, everyone knows it to be one of the biggest and most popular sci-fi universes in fiction anyway. The starship Enterprise, Mr. Spock, the Vulcan salute, Captain Kirk and so many other staples of the franchise are pop culture icons in their own right, and all of them make a 2016 return with Star Trek Beyond, releasing this Friday.

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Set somewhere in the vast void of the universe, this one follows the journey of the members of the starship after being attacked by an alien force. Forced to land on a random planet, they now have to defend against an immensely powerful enemy they’ve never faced before.

It’s directed by Justin Lin of Fast & Furious fame, and while that franchise officially overstayed its welcome by, like, the third one, expect his expertise on making chase sequences and blowing things up look so awesome to come in handy for this one. With sprawling locations across the universe {of course, CGI}, mind-bendingly awesome fight sequences and a set of characters most of us are well familiar with, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

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