#LBBPlayingThisWeek: ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Recreates Old Disney Magic

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Pete’s Dragon

Directed By: David Lowery

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Running time: 1 hr 30 min

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I would like to start by saying that while Rotten Tomatoes has a knack for ruining some of our most awaited movies with bad ratings, Pete’s Dragon shines with an 88% score on their Tomatometer {which is just great}. Kids of this generation haven’t seen the original, and it was anyway not really a movie most people remember as one of Disney’s greatest. But, that in no way means that this one isn’t worth a watch. It not only takes an existing story and makes it look better {not just because of the live-action element and great CGI} but also in the way the story has been dealt with.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

This year hasn’t really delivered many great movies, though Pete’s Dragon is promising to make a mark in that statistic. Be it Forbes, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic or our trusted IMDB, everyone has rated it high, and even fan reactions have been great. It isn’t as whimsical as the original musical, but the new version is said to have a lot more life; comparisons have even been drawn to The Iron Giant and E.T {which says a lot!}.

New Eliott Is As Cute

Image source: Pete's Dragon via Facebook
Image source: Pete’s Dragon via Facebook

Most movies have been known to completely redesign animated characters in the pursuit of making them look more real, but this one keeps a great balance between the original and the new. Eliott 2.0, as I’d like to call him {the dragon in the movie}, hasn’t been stripped of his cute chubby green dragon image, and continues to be pretty amazing. Many actually like the new design, and because of that reason, it’s expected to be a win-win for Disney.

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Great Story, Greater Cast

Disney has been casting pretty great actors for their movies lately, and Pete’s Dragon is no exception. Much like Jungle Book, this one also casts a young protagonist who manages to perform as well as the stalwarts that are part of the cast. Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, Karl Urban and others shine in the trailer; we’re expecting this one to do justice in recreating the Disney magic we grew up with.

Do We Sense A Pattern

Disney seems to be big on the ‘child befriends large beast and goes on an adventure’ model. BFG did it, and so did The Good Dinosaur; Pete’s Dragon is no different. While that can turn out to be a bummer {I mean how many times would a person like to watch the same thing?}, kids seem to love these concepts.

The Dragon & Boy Combo

Think of this movie as a mix of How To Train Your Dragon and Eragon sprinkled with bits of Disney. How this movie plans to stand out as more relatable is the design of the dragon; while Toothless {HTTYD} and Saphira {Eragon} were more dragon-y, Eliott is designed to look more like a pet you own, which can give this one an edge.

So go ahead, book your tickets for this one, and we’re sure you wouldn’t regret it.

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