Exclusive: Naomi Watts & More On The Character Of Mary In ‘Shut In’


Farren Blackburn’s latest directorial venture Shut In is a psychological thriller that revolves around the story of a psychologist and her son who live an isolated existence in rural New England.

Watch the exclusive interview and read on to find out more on the heart-pounding thriller.

The Cast

Naomi Watts of The Ring fame portrays the character of a psychologist named Mary in this movie. Jacob Tremblay known for his breakout performance in Room plays the role of Tom, a deaf boy who seeks counselling from Mary.

The role of Steven, Mary’s stepson is played by Charlie Heaton, known for playing Jonathan Buyers in the supernatural series, Stranger Things. Also seen in the movie will be the Canadian actor, David Cubitt.

An Accident & Its Memories

Through the movie trailer we get to know that an unfortunate car accident becomes the reason of Mary’s misery. Not only does she lose her husband in the tragedy but also her dear stepson, Steven to a permanent catatonic state.

A Devoted Mother

Mary is not just a psychologist, she’s a caring mother; an ordinary woman who is thrust in an extraordinary situation. The trailer opens with Mary bathing and cleaning her loved son but suddenly the sweet ideas turn into a horribly scathing nightmare.

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In no time we realize that it actually is a bad dream. The situations that Mary is caught in demand her to think of the unthinkable. Even after dealing with grief and loss, the caring mother tries to do the best possible for her son.

Devoting herself to her stepson’s care, she continues to carry see her patients and takes special interest in a little boy called Tom. After Tom suddenly appears at her doorstep, the most unbelievable event occurs.

The Unanswered Questions

A welcoming change to Mary’s isolation, Tom soon becomes a mystery for her. The little child disappears and Mary is left hopelessly caught in the storm, shut in her house.

But has Tom really disappeared or is he still lurking around in Mary’s house? Watch Shut In at a theatre near you to know the mystery.