Dialogue-Baazi, Drama & Intense Action: Here’s Why ‘Raees’ Is Winning Hearts All Over!

Raees is a must-watch for all Bollywood fans, aur ye hum writing mein de sakte hain.

When the trailer of Raees was unveiled, both audience and critics were left in anticipation of watching more of King Khan. Post release, we aren’t surprised as to why the action thriller is making headlines almost everyday.

Here is our review of the first blockbuster of the year-

As we sit waiting in the theatre with our eyes glued to the screen to watch the  smashing entry of Shah Rukh Khan, we are introduced to Raees: a young boy with craft of a grown up and a carefree attitude. Battling his way with poverty, Raees’ vision both literally and figuratively becomes clearer with the help of a pair of glasses.

Raees is attached to his mother and it is she who shapes his ideology of the much popular dialogue, “Koi dhandha chota nahi hota aur dhandhe se bada koi dharam nahi hota.” While this idea keeps re-iterating in the movie every now and then, Shah Rukh makes his entry in a very heroic and macho manner at the time of Muharram, we see the ripped muscles and super toned body being flagellated amidst the crowd.

Well, this is just the beginning of the action that we assure SRK has never attempted before. As Raees takes on the role of helping the dons of Gujarat transport bottles of liquor illegally, he grows on to become one of the most powerful dons himself.

The villains play a dual role in the movie, one who help Raees become what he is and second, in his denouement.

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No doubts about more powerful dialogues from the villains, “Bakri sheron ka khuraak hoti hai, karobaar nahi.” It is as if we know that Raees will fall at some point of time because of his supposed well-wishers.

Nawazuddin’s fabulous entry and his MJ stint he delivers in the movie are bang on. He plays the most legit cop in the area, against corruption and with his entry begins the very interesting cat and mouse tale.

While Nawaz is on the chase to catch Raees, the latter is on a spree of an ever-spiraling business becoming popular day by day. The cop adds a dash of humour to the otherwise intense drama. We can say that Nawazuddin bulldozes his way in the movie with his amazing acting skills.

“Laila Main Laila” song is perfect in terms of a catchy item number and also adds the classic trope of suspense along with action in the backdrop.

Raees latches on to your heart with its emotional connect and its powerful screenplay, it is one movie where you would want the show to continue. Just as SRK sees everything in a flash at his end, the audience is left to see more and read more of the movie than just over an intense gripping thriller.

“Mere khoon ke afsos ke sath ji loge Majmudar sahib?”


In all, the stellar cast delivers an overwhelming performance. If you miss this taut thriller,  you will miss the King of Romance’s other side- that of an action hero. Watch it today, book your Raees movie tickets on Paytm now.