Kaabil: A Gut-Wrenching Saga Of Love, Loss And Revenge


Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy, Rohit Roy

After masterpieces like Lakshya and Guzaarish, Hrithik Roshan is back and this time he clawed to our heart with his soulful performance. The gut-wrenching movie starts as a happy romantic and takes a gripping end with no dull moment in between.

Two visually impaired people – Rohan Bhatnagar and Supriya go out on a couple of dates and get along well. Head over heels in love, they decide to get married and spend their lives together in a beautiful home where love is blooming.


Source: FilmKraft Movies

But all is not well because they grab the attention of an influential bad apple in the neighbourhood played by Rohit Roy. Supriya is barbarically raped and the rapist is the brother of an influential politician- Madhavrao Shellar (Ronit Roy), who is ready to do everything in and out of his power to save his brother from the cops.


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Tired of seeking help and after being harassed by the cops and the bad boys, the couple decides to move on and live their life normally but their home is permanently wrecked when a big incident changes everything.

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Source: FilmKraft Movies

Utterly shattered by the loss of his love, we see Hrithik Roshan grieving and expressing his pain like we’ve never seen before. He does not succumb to the corruption in the system and decides to fight back with a plan which unfolds slowly and stays with us long after the movie is over.


Source: FilmKraft Movies

Be it Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Rohit Roy or Ronit Roy, what we really enjoyed was how beautifully each actor did justice to the story. Hrithik Roshan puts his heart in the movie and clearly outperforms himself with his unprecedented conviction and sincerity. Yami Gautam gives an ardent performance and from being an independent woman, she grows into a woman who depicts the insecurities of a violated person. Ronit Roy, with his intense looks and terrific Marathi dialogue delivery, has a formidable presence throughout the movie and leaves a lasting impact as a villain.

All in all, it’s a must watch for the passionate acting, fierce action scenes, gripping build-up, terrific dialogue delivery and the powerful story which is spun with love and passion.

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