Love In The Times Of War: Read Our Review Of ‘Rangoon’

Apni jaan se keemti kuch aur hai?…Hai, ki woh jiske liye mara ja sake.


Set in the backdrop of the World War II, Rangoon is a complex and beautifully nuanced saga of love, war and the first few but strong undercurrents of Indian nationalism.

The movie is a Vishal Bhardwaj archetype, shot in breathtaking landscapes, wide-open spaces and transports you back to the time of the war- which none of us have been part of literally but have made it a part of our memory through stories, literature and history.

Bhardwaj takes you through the foregone era piece by piece, we see the extensive use of latest warfare mechanisms pitched against a very nascent yet traditional form of love.

Love that calls for sacrifice.

And what better sacrifice other than laying your heart and soul for the country? In bits and pieces the  talented director introduces you to Nawab Jamadar Malik- portrayed by Shahid Kapoor, a soldier who escapes from the hands of the Japanese and is immediately recruited by the British Army to fight a war against their rivals.

Into the picture comes a filmmaker (portrayed by Saif Ali Khan), a celebrated action-hero in the yester-years now only capable of directing the fabulous Julia to what he calls as “My Julia”. It becomes evident that Julia, played by National Award winning actor, Kangana Ranaut will be the point of vantage from wherein all spurts of action, love and not to miss war, would spring.

As Julia boards the train to Rangoon in order to entertain the British Army soldiers with her prowess in action and daring stunts, our hearts know that here lurk the first seeds of deceit.

Jamadar Malik who is in charge of Miss Julia’s safety at first sparks an all hate relationship with the latter. But who can keep up with Miss Julia’s innocent, beautiful and pure charisma? With a full-fledged war in the background, a romantic and intense relationship springs forth.

No show, no film. No film, no Julia.

Meanwhile, a nationalist fervor begins and a great symbol of Indian freedom rests in Miss Julia’s makeup trunk. It must be protected at all times for there lies the key to gaining freedom from the British.

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On the other hand is the obsessive filmmaker ‘Rusi’ Billimoria who can’t stand her prized possession-Miss Julia being taken away by a poor soldier. A fight for love starts and makes you want Malik to win Julia.

But all is fair in love and war, as they say.

Do Julia and Malik live in happy unison? Does India gain freedom from the British and what happens of Rusi? These are questions we’ll not answer for you to watch the movie and tell us.

All in all Rangoon is an intricately woven love saga that latches on to your heart, makes your very self pine for the victory of what’s right. The ultimate mix of action, romance and drama along with an epic tale of nationalism is what we looked forward to- and hey-we are not disappointed at all!

Shahid Kapoor as Nawab Malik and Kangana as Miss Julia throw in some amazing conversations full of comic relief yet intensity. We love how the minor characters have been given epic responsibilities and in turn become the reason for radical change.

And oh my can we get over Miss Julia’s superb action along with acting skills! Shahid as the lover boy, the Captain, the martyr will steal your heart and will make you fall in love with him. (If you didn’t love him in Haider already!)

Saif Ali Khan is very intense and delves deep into his character till the last minute. It gets difficult to decide who is the hero in the movie, which everyone giving such stellar performances. To give you a spoiler, Sunidhi Chauhan also has an appearance in the “Bloody Hell”. Gulzar’s lyrics along with Vishal Bhardwaj’s composition and Rekha Bhardwaj’s magical voice receive a thumbs up for us.

Rangoon is an outright winner of a movie. Don’t miss it, book your movie tickets now on Paytm.