7 Thoughts We All Have When We Visit An Amusement Park

The eighties were a golden period for Entertainment in India in so many ways. With the advent of colour TV, national telecasts and a plethora of iconic advertisements, people were opening up not just to the concept of having options but also to Entertainment. We were indulging in not just movies but also TV shows and amusement parks. In the year 1984, Indira Gandhi inaugurated Appu Ghar to commemorate the 1982 Asian Games and it turned out to be a big crowd-puller.

Even today, when the options are endless, Amusement Parks attract people from all age groups and no matter what your age is, chances are that you go through these things when in an Amusement Park:

1. The moment you enter the Amusement park, a nostalgia rush hits you and reminds you of the last time you were there


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2. Get mesmerised because there’s so much to take in – The architectural marvel, all the fancy food, the rides and the happy people


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3. Thinking about all the fancy food you can’t have because well, motion sickness

And you don’t want to puke on anyone

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4. Secretly praying that nobody pukes on you and that all the nuts and bolts are screwed tightly on the rides

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5. And at this point, there are only two ways. You either start enjoying it…

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giphy (6).gif

… hoping that it’s not your final ride to heaven.

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6. Finally, the relief when you gorge on your all-time favourite comfort food

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…and candies.

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7. Can’t feel legs anymore

Rides after rides, selfies after selfies. When does this end?

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