Creating Magic With Every Visual: A Review Of The Epic War Saga, ‘Baahubali 2’!


Image source: Dharma Productions
Image source: Dharma Productions


Joh pran deta hai woh bhagwan hai … pran bachane wala vaidya … aur pran ki raksha karne wala Kshatriya.

When a film takes four years in making, the expectations of the audience is bound to heighten. A shoddy piece of writing or bad cinematography can make the best of movies bomb at the box office. S.S. Rajamouli’s Herculean task of proving that the sequel would be more impactful that its predecessor, has clearly been on the positive side.

Rajamouli weaves pure magic.

Words fall short of the ravishing scenes that unfold in front of us. We know that what we see in a matter of three hours is a result of sheer brilliance, hard work and a lot of detail to intricacy.

Be it the dialogues, the costumes, the unimaginable sets or the twists and turns of the plot- nothing will want you to movie your eyes away from the screen. You blink and you miss one little piece of perfection.

Soch agar pakki ho toh ek tinka bhi talwaar mein badal sakta hai.

Baahubali the King, the warrior, the lover and the son upholds the Kshatriya dharma in the most incredible way. He is agile, quick – witted and powerful both physically and intellectually. With that sculpted body of a warrior prince, Amarendra Baahubali knows how to strike a balance between his role as a prince towards the people of Mahishmati and the lover of Devasena. From his entry to his unfortunate murder, there is a potent sense of greatness and power about him.

On the other hand is the menacing Bhallaladeva, played by Rana Daggubati. Once young and hungry for power- audience also gets to witness him in his older days of life. He portrays the “perfect” villain, an antagonist who is of almost equal competition to Baahubali. Bhallaladeva’s avatar of a strong built, intense and tactful villain makes for a treat for the movie-goer because of the edge of the seat thrill and sportsmanship on either side.

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Maharani Devasena, the beautiful queen who is captured by Bhalla in his fort for 25 years also finds freedom with the onset of the new age. Mahendra Baahubali, Amardenra’s successor fights for his mother’s freedom and eventually wins her from the shackles of his wicked brother. We also get to see the powerful side of the Queen- she’s a mix of valour and intellect. She doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind, be it her matrimonial choice or going against Shivagami’s orders.

Kattappa, the loyal commander-in-chief and the murderer of Amarendra is also seen in his old age in the sequel. Yes, we get an answer to the epic question- ‘Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?’ but there is scope for redemption. He undoes the wrong and wins our hearts again. He is a great amalgation of comic relief and the game changer, there is a lot that rides on his shoulders. Kattappa never disappoints, he plays with your psyche and makes the struggle for power more interesting.

The breathtaking visuals, the taut storyline, the powrful dialogues along with the perfect blend of songs makes Baahubali 2: The Conclusion a movie that has marked its presence deep and strong in the books of great Indian films. And what’s more appealing is that how a movie produced and directed by a major Tollywood cast unites the country and makes it a nationwide celebration.

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