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If you’re a 90s kid, there are high chances that you grew up watching the “Essel World mein rahunga main” advertisement on your TV sets. It was the era when we were still getting used to different options of entertainment when Essel World left a generation of kids awestruck with the possibilities.

One of the largest and the most iconic amusement park in India- Essel World draws in an estimated 1.8 million visitors annually. From several high-adrenaline, fun rides to dry rides, wet rides, a discotheque, a massive food court, ice skating and much more, it is the most sought after option to visit in Mumbai for a day full of fun and adventure!

When at Essel World, don’t forget to enjoy India’s tallest Tower Ride which goes at 4G force to 190 feet and then falls free with bungy effects.

Are you a fan of spooky rides? Essel World has India’s scariest ride for you!

‘Monsters in the Mist’ ride has been designed to achieve the maximum degree of scary moments. A 6,000 sq ft indoor dark ride, full of mist, fog and hidden monsters will send shivers down your spine.

Find the 40 thieves at Alibaba Mirror Maze

Designed on the lines of the legendary folk tale Alibaba and 40 thieves, this maze was designed by the World’s leading maze designer Adrian Fisher. The animatronics effects welcome you to the dark den to help Alibaba fight against the 40 notorious thieves and find the hidden treasure in the Mirror Maze.


Enjoy fun rides at Essel World!

With an acceleration of 4G, Top Spin will give you an adrenaline rush like never before with its 360 degree spin that will include a lot of flips and swings.

Top Sin.jpg

With a speed of 100 KMPH, this Hoola–Loop offers a crazy rush with a steep drop from 25 feet.

Only meant for the strong-hearted and thrill seekers. A 340-meter long roller coaster that will be the ride of your life. With a speed of 100 KMPH, it does a 360-degree loop and a steep drop from 25 feet. Completely safe, it gets you a high adrenaline rush like nothing else.

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hoola loop.jpg

Enjoy crazy water slides at the Water Kingdom!

With a seven-story drop at a water ride which will take you down with the speed of 40 miles per hour, the Water Kingdom will help you beat the summer heat in style.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, Essel World has something for people of all age groups and now you can live it all with Paytm!

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Image and video sources: Essel World