Enjoy A Soulful Evening With Satinder Sartaaj In Delhi!

One of the most loved Sufi Singers in India, Satinder Sartaaj was born in Hoshiarpur and was always naturally inclined towards music, so much that he has a doctorate in Sufi Music. While music has always been his passion, recognition at reality shows is what gave him the motivation to pursue music.

Even though his connection with music and poetry was always dominant, he only rose to fame only with songs like ‘Sai’, ‘Sajjan Razi’, ‘Heeriye Faqeeriye’ and more. The singer, songwriter, composer and poet has a rustic edge in his voice which stirs souls of people across the world. This July, the singer is coming to Delhi!

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Watch Satinder Sartaaj’s song ‘Sajjan Raazi’

Source: shemaroopunjabi

Listen to the superhit song ‘Sai’

Source: satindersartaj

Watch the song ‘Bahuta Sochi’n Na’

Source: Satinder Sartaaj

Catch Satinder Sartaaj LIVE in Delhi on 9th July 2017. Book tickets only on Paytm!