This Week, Witness A Breathtaking Story Of Survival With ‘Dunkirk’!

After delivering blockbusters like Inception and Interstellar, director Christopher Nolan is back with another gigantic project, titled Dunkirk. Based on the Dunkirk evacuation during World War II, the war thriller is all set to release this Friday, the 21st of July. Here’s what the movie has in store for you:

Harry Styles

Image source: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Yes, the One Direction pop star turned solo singer will make his debut in acting with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. When Nolan announced Styles as part of his upcoming project Dunkirk, many people questioned the singer turned actor’s capability and acting prowess.

Nolan on the other hand had a lot to say about his unique casting choice. The 23 year old was “really impressive” and that he “chose him for the potential he showed, not the fame.” On one of the press tours, Nolan compared Styles’ casting to that of Heath Ledger’s in The Dark Knight- a hiring that at first raised many questions but eventually rose to an iconic stature in its own.

Fans might question on why we don’t get to see much of Styles in the trailer. Well, there is a reason behind that too. According to Nolan, he has used the character of Styles as an ensemble. His character as Alex, a British private is relatively small in the movie and the creative team did not want to disappoint the singer’s fans after seeing the final product.

Nolan did not wish to use Styles’ fame to market the movie. In fact, Styles won the role after auditioning against hundreds of candidates. Nolan was unaware of Styles’ fame as a singer before casting him!

A Spectacular View

Image source: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Nolan wrote the script told from three perspectives- the land, sea and air. Instead of just focusing on one element, the director wanted the audience to know the story from different perspectives because there were three different groups of the Allied forces and what were the challenges that the crew faced during every type of evacuation.

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The essential and mythical kind of experience that the film tries to tell is extremely intense. The way Nolan has constructed the screenplay and has directed it takes the audience on a unique experience that the actors of the movie do not have.

The director promises to thrill the audience with the reality of war, the degree of its intensity with a respect for history but with a sense of entertainment. He wants to give people a very intense ride of what the experience would be like at the battle field, in the time and place of Dunkirk.

Not A Stereotypical Hollywood War Drama

Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures
Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Hollywood is almost always centered around the theme of war, telling the story of the American pride and victory. Dunkirk moves away from tradition and narrates the story of survival during war. It is about three lakh Allied soldiers abandoned at the beaches of Dunkirk, waiting to get evacuated as the the enemy closes in.

More so, Nolan does not have an intention to call Dunkirk a war film. Rather, he wants the audience to focus on the struggle that the young men had to undergo for survival.

The Run Time

Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures
Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

With a subject like war at its heart, it’s difficult to think that the movie would be short. Dunkirk sets to defy the stereotype with its run time of 107 minutes. Being only an hour and forty seven minutes long, Dunkirk is Nolan’s shortest movie after his first (Following).

Nolan adds to the experience of the battle with the trope of cutting down communication. The entire movie has very few dialogues with the purpose being that the audience should feel the confusion and fear that the survivors underwent.


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