Pro Kabaddi League Is Back! Here’s All You Need To Know About It

Once considered as a sport for the rural, Kabaddi is now the second most popular sport in India. Despite of being a high intensity contact sport and the State sport of  Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar and Punjab, it reached to staggering heights when it was brought to the mainstream audience in the year 2014 with Pro Kabaddi League.
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Pro Kabaddi League presented the modern, aggressive, powerful and competitive face of Kabaddi to the world. With millions of viewers for the initial seasons, the league became immensely popular and Kabaddi became a household topic of discussion. More focus was given to the sport when some of India’s Biggest stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Rana Daggubati.

Watch Amitabh Bachchan’s power packed song for Pro Kabaddi Season 2:

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After 4 successful seasons, Pro Kabaddi League is back with its 5th Season where 12 teams across the nation will tussle it out in 130 matches to become the invincible champions of Pro Kabaddi League Season 5!

Enjoying Kabaddi is inevitable, especially if you know the game well. Read to know more about the game:

Every match of Kabaddi is of a minimum 40 minutes between 7 players. In Pro Kabaddi League, each team shall consist of minimum 10 and maximum 12 Players. At any time, only 7 players take the ground. The league also requires to have 2 overseas players in every playing team.

What are the goals of the game?

Even though there are 7 players in every team, every raid consists of only one raider who is faced by 7 defensive units. The first goal of the raider is to cross the midline and then go past the ‘Baulk’ line in the opposing half to make the raid valid.

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The second goal of the raider is to touch as many opposition players as possible before returning back to his half of the field. All of this needs to happen along with the cant.

What is a cant?

The raider is also supposed to keep up with the cant, which is a repeated stretch and clear sound of the approved word ‘Kabaddi’ within the course of one respiration and maximum 30 seconds. In case the raider is not keeping the cant when the raid is in play, he can be declared out. The raider can also be declared out by the Umpire or Referee if he starts the cant late.

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What after the raid?

After a raider has reached his side of the court, the opponents shall send their raider within 5 seconds. Each side is supposed to send their raider until it’s the end of the game or unless a struggle takes place in a raid. In case the raider fails to start his raid within 5 seconds, the team loses its chance to raid and the opponent team is given a technical point.

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If a raider caught by one or more defenders, escapes from their attempt and reaches his court side safely, he shall not be pursued. But if a raider touches one or more defenders and reaches his court safely, he may be pursued.

When is a Raid Successful?

Every raid is productive either by scoring points or technical points, self out or the raider being caught. Even if an anti (Every player in whose court the raid is being made shall be called Anti or Anti Raider) becomes self out, the raid shall be considered as over and the raider’s side will be given a point.

If the raider returns safely without scoring anything or with a productive raid to his court, the opponent team will be given a point. If any raid lasts more than 30 seconds, the opponent team shall be given a point.

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What to expect this year?

This year, the game is bigger with more money, more teams and a longer competition. This season, the consolidated prize money has been doubled to Rs. 8 Crore. Even big stars like Akshay Kumar and Abhishek Bachchan couldn’t escape the charm of this game and have their own teams.

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