10 Fun & Off-Beat Things To Do This Long Weekend!

Only people who work and get weekends to themselves realize its true value. Every long weekend comes with a chance to make memories that last a lifetime. While most people look out to go on trips on long weekends, it can sometimes be very hectic. This coming week, a lot of us are getting extra offs and if you’re in the mood to enjoy them hassle-free, you can do these 10 interesting things for a fun weekend.

Some of the fun activities you can be a part of this weekend are:

1. Ek Shaam Aazadi Ke Naam With Gurdas Maan And Millind Gaba | Sonipat

Date: 14 Aug 2017 | 07:00 PM
Venue: Jurasik Park Inn, Sonipat
Tickets start at Rs. 850. Book tickets here.

Gurdas Maan is one of the most notable figures in the world of Punjabi music. He has given us around 300 songs, many of which have been hits all over the world, like ‘Dil Da Mamla Hai’, ‘Gallan Goriyan’, and many more. He and Millind Gaba are coming together to give you an evening full of Punjabi songs.


Source: Jurasik Park Inn

2. Mirchi LOL With Sunil Grover | Kolkata

Date: 14 Aug 2017 | 08:00 PM
Venue: Nazrul Mancha Bus Stop 1, Kolkata
Tickets start at Rs. 499. Book tickets here.

Sunil Grover needs no introduction. Be it the hilarious Gutthi from Comedy Nights with Kapil to the mad Dr. Mashoor Gulati from The Kapil Sharma Show, he has been loved in all the avatars. Come join the comedy roller-coaster with Sunil Grover and his team live in Kolkata on Monday, 14th August 2017 at Nazrul Mancha.

Twitter_Radio-Mirchi-LOL-Sunil-Grover (2).jpg

Source: Radio Mirchi

3. Kash Hum Bhi Dilli Me Hote | Delhi-NCR

Date: 12th August | 07:00 PM
Venue: OTH012 – Kaushambi, Ghaziabad
Tickets start at Rs. 249. Book tickets here.

‘Kash hum bhi dilli me hote’ is a pun-intended observational comic satire on ‘Kaushambi not being counted in Delhi’. The show will involve keen observations of daily life, people and funny encounters. Manish used to be a Commander in the Indian Navy. As an Officer and a Gentleman, he has some very funny tales to share from his experience. His style is full of unprecedented stories blended with wit and humour.


Source: Oyo Townhouse

4. Indian Science Festival 4.0 | Delhi

Date: 08 – 12 Aug 2017 | 04:30 PM
Venue: Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Tickets start at Rs. 254. Book tickets here.

Make science fun for curious kids and take their interest to the next level with ‘The Indian Science Festival 4.0’ in Delhi. The science extravaganza will take place in August and will help in nourishing and inculcating interest in science amongst children who are the future generation of scientists. It will have an array of exciting workshops, engaging hands on experiments, live science shows, and much more.

Twitter_Fever-104-Science-Festival-4th-Edition (2).jpg

Source: Insider

5. MusiCom ft. Aisi Taisi Democracy and Indian Ocean | Pune

Date: 13 Aug 2017 | 06:00 PM
Venue: Mahatma Phule Auditorium, Pune
Tickets start at Rs. 391. Book tickets here.

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Musicom is a beautiful combination of music & humor with great music by the band Indian Ocean and comedy by Aisi Taisi Democracy. This one-of-a-kind template will give you a refreshing taste of your favorite musicians combined with the laughs.


Source: Insider

6. Don’t – A Stand Up Special by Vaibhav Sethia | Kolkata

Date: 12 Aug 2017 | 08:00 PM
Venue: Kala Kunj Auditorium, Kolkata
Tickets Start at Rs. 399. Book tickets here.

It was a bright sunny morning and Vaibhav hated it. So he slept again. He loves potential energy, hates kinetic energy. Laying in bed he scribbled what he calls ‘bookmark moments’ of life. Today he calls them jokes. Come see him perform them and experience the release of endorphins.


Source: Insider

7. On The Fly With Kenny Sebastian | Mumbai

Date: 11 Aug 2017 | 07:00 PM
Venue: The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai
Tickets start at Rs. 249. Book tickets here.

One of the most talented Stand-Up Comics in India, Kenneth Sebastian can crack you about anything, and by anything we mean even a Dosa! Especially good at Improv comedy, Kenny is a delight to watch.


Source: Insider

8. SMAAASH | Delhi – NCR

Venue: Noida & Gurgaon
Tickets start at Rs. 249.

Launched in 2012, SMAAASH is India’s favourite gaming and entertainment centre which offers a brilliant amalgamation of new-edge technology, creativity and gaming experience for an entertainment powerhouse for people of all age groups. Play cricket with Brett Lee, play bowling at the unique twilight bowling zone, walk the virtual reality plank and try not to fall, fly and feel the wind in your face with Flymax, Nitro wheelie, design a roller coaster with Finger Coaster, and do much more! Redefine entertainment at SMAAASH with ground-breaking concepts. Book tickets only on Paytm!



9. SkyKarting by SMAAASH | Gurgaon

Venue: Skykarting Sector 29, Gurgaon
Tickets start at Rs. 415. Book this activity here.

Get ready for a day full of speed, thrill and adventure at India’s first multi-level Karting Arena- Sky Karting track in Gurgaon. Brought to you by the famous Protek Karting in Germany, and coupled with award winning safety technology, every moment at the track will be memorable. You can go with your friends to enjoy any time of the year. Book tickets for Sky Karting only on Paytm.

Twitter_Sky-Karting-Time-Trial-Championship (1)


10. Have a great time at Amusement Parks near you!

When was the last time you spent a day with your friends at an amusement park and had a blast? No matter how old the idea seems, it’s a sure shot way of having a great time and Paytm has made it very easy for you. You can choose from a wide range of Amusement Parks on Paytm and feel the happy adrenaline rush once again!


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