The Magnets Are Coming To India! Here’s All You Need To Know About Them

Straight from the beautiful city of London, The Magnets, a six-man a cappella band is coming to India. They’ve made a mark internationally with their magnificent arrangements of music and beat boxing, and have charmed audiences across the world with their performance.

Source: The Magnets

Be it the Rat Pack to Rock Band, Nashville to Nightclub, The Magnets have left no genre untouched. The Magnets are back in India with their revolutionary music and will be performing live in Mumbai and Delhi this September.

Watch their performance which tells the journey of popular British Bands:

This year, more artists like Gibbs James Alexander, Hirst Patrick Paul, McIntosh Callum Gordon, Conway Michael James, Sandilands Duncan Eric Jarvis, McCabe Matthew and Natalie Di Luccio will also join the concert.

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Natalie Di Luccio is an Italian-Canadian classical-crossover who hit instant fame in India with her beautiful renditions of Bollywood music. She has also worked with artists like A.R. Rahman, and Amit Trivedi for Coke Studio by MTV India.

Watch her performance with Amit Trivedi and Shriram Iyer for Coke Studio:

You can catch them all live in Mumbai and Delhi. Book tickets now!