Mumbai, Keep Your Superhero Capes Ready For The Comic Con!

2017 has been nothing short of a blessing for popular-fiction sponges like me. There are new movies like Thor: Ragnarok, The Last Jedi, new Justice League movie, the second season of Stranger Things, upcoming video games, comic books and so much more in the pipeline.

What’s also approaching is Comic-Con in different cities in India. The Comic-Con will guarantee you a weekend to remember in 3 cities: Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi. The Mumbai Comic Con is scheduled for 11th-12th November 2017. Here is what to expect at Mumbai Comic Con:

1. International and Indian Guests

There’ll be interesting discussions with guests like Nick Seluk- The creator of Awkward Yeti, Andrew Griffith- the artist of Transformers, Yishan Li- artist of Buffy the Vampire and Assassins Creed, David LLoyd – creator of V For Vendetta, Abhijeet Kini- Illustrator for Tinkle and founder of Abhijeet Kini Studios.

2. Comics for every taste!

From the latest Indie comics to our old favourites such as Amar Chitra Katha, to the best selling International titles from DC, Marvel all the way to VIZ and Kodansha. You will find all of them and more at Mumbai Comic Con.

Image Source: The-artifice

3. Get the geekiest Merch!

No Comic-Con is complete without the latest and the best in Geeky Merch.
From tees, accessories, action figures, posters to all sorts of quirky merch. Be prepared to have an open heart and wallet!

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4. The best of Cosplay

One of the biggest highlights of Comic-Con is to provide fans with a space to express
themselves. Be it a favourite Jedi or friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, the Mother of Dragons – Khaleesi, or Cosplay as you wish. You’ll be joined by thousands of other
cosplayers at the show, for a party like no other. Register for the Daily Cosplay Contest and stand a chance to win prizes worth INR 1,00,000/-!

5. Fan Experience Zones!

Crafted for an experience like never before, here’s your chance to
enjoy real-world exhibits of your favourite Comics, TV shows, Games, Anime and Movies. Catch the best from the house of Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, Warner Bros and many more.

6. Indian Artists and Creators!

Each show features the leading creators – Artists and Writers from the Indian Comic Book Industry. Come, support local creators and check out the best of Indian Comics!

Strike friendship with people who love the same book as you.

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