5 Reasons Why Visiting Imagica Should Be On Top Of Your List

When was the last time you spent a day with your friends at an amusement park and had a blast? No matter how old the idea seems, it’s a sure shot way of having a great time and if you happen to be around the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, you’re in for a big treat. 

Very creatively built, Imagica has something for everyone. Be it crazy rides to pump you up, slides to glide you in water, incredible food for your taste-buds or places to shop at for the shopaholic in you, Imagica is the perfect destination to have fun with a group of friends or your family. 

Here are reasons to have Imagica on the top of your list for a good day out: 

1. It has India’s largest roller coaster ride – Nitro 

With a height of over 132 feet and a track length of 2800 feet, the Nitro travels at 120kmph and visitors experience a G-force rating of 3.8 Gs during the 150 seconds of this ride. For any adventure lover, this is worth a shot, only at Imagica. 


Source: Adlabs Imagica

2. Feel the spookiness at the replica of a haunted fort 

Who’s not fond of exploring the dark and the unknown? If exploring dark dungeons, torture rooms and a horrifying love story sounds like a good idea to you, then don’t miss to visit the replica of the haunted Salimgarh Fort, which has special effects to make things more spooky and thrilling. 


Source: Adlabs Imagica 

3. Fun attractions at the Theme Park for both- adults and kids 

Imagica has something for everyone. Be it the Mr India ride where Mogambo comes to life while the animated film of Mr. India plays on the screen, or the lovable characters for kids- Tubbby – the elephant, Roberto – the star chef, the lost astronaut and the Gingerbread Man as you hop from one ride to another. 


 Source: Adlabs Imagica 

4. Have a day party at Imagica Water Park 

Whoever says that day-parties aren’t fun hasn’t been to Imagica Water Park. With thrilling rides and exciting restaurants, the Water Park is very popular as a favourite day party hangout destination. When here, you can challenge friends to a Loopy Woopy fall, race through Zip Zap Zoom, yell loudly on the Yell-O or free-fall in the Twisty Turvy. With all the excitement, this place will ensure that there’s no dull moment.


Source: Adlabs Imagica 

5. Indulge in snowball fight at India’s largest snow park – Imagica Snow Park 

Take a look at all the fun at Imagica here.