Justice League First Reactions: Needless To Say, Twitter Goes Gaga!

The wait of months is finally over and the biggest superhero movie of the year- Justice League is all set to hit the theaters. Zack Snyder’s action adventure is full of power-packed superheroes- Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman who form the alliance called ‘Justice League’ to save the world from massive destruction. This time as the league gets stronger, the enemies get more wicked.

Justice League is one of the biggest action movies of the year. The larger than life characters of this movie are a celebration of the best of world cinema. The action-packed sequences in the trailer have kept us glued to the screen and the movie is going to be even bigger and better.

As the world gear up for this much anticipated movie to release, the first reviews from Twitter are adding much to our curiosity. With fans from all over the world going crazy about the movie, celebrities and members from the fraternity can’t stop applauding the superhero flick post an exclusive screening.

As expected, the reactions are full of praise for this adventurous league of superhumans who are facing the biggest challenge to save the planet from a savage enemy. Going by these reactions, we can expect a blockbuster movie on its way. We bring you the first reactions from Twitter:

Entertaining Experience!

Terrific Fun!

Stellar Ensemble!

Will Make You Smile!


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Wonder Woman!

Must Watch!

Amazing Dialogues!

So Much Joy!


Treat For Batman Fans!

Best Of All!

Looking at these reactions, we just can’t wait for the movie to release and see how this alliance of superheroes will save the planet. The movie is produced by DC Films, RatPac Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment and Cruel And Unusual Films.

Justice League is ready to release on 17 November. Watch it in 3D and IMAX. Don”t forget to book your Justice League tickets on Paytm.