Akshay Kumar Is Here To Break Taboos In A Unique Way With ‘PadMan’

America ke pass Superman hai, Batman hai, Spiderman hai, lekin India ke paas PadMan hai.


After releasing multiple posters along with the first looks of the lead actors, Akshay Kumar has finally released the much-awaited trailer of PadMan. The trailer is more than everything that we were expecting. It gives the right feels and hits you hard with the issues associated with menstruation. Without any qualm, it is one of the most engaging and relevant trailers we’ve seen.

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The trailer opens with Amitabh Bachchan’s voice with our desi superhero, PadMan addressing people about the issue of periods. He is seen experimenting to device sanitary napkins for women and is even shown trying some on in a pink underwear himself!

PadMan trailer raises questions that will resonate with you. There is a moment when PadMan is thrashed for gifting sanitary napkins to his sister. On which he says that he had promised to protect his sister and that’s what he is following. We see Akshay Kumar equating a country’s strength with women’s strength.

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Akshay and Radhika play husband and wife in the film. Their chemistry looks very refreshing. Radhika takes offence to Akshay in the film for going around talking about sanitary napkins. The moments between the two have been deftly executed.

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While PadMan is fighting for the cause alone, he finally finds an aide in Sonam Kapoor who is seen going places with him to spread awareness. Hope walks back into his life and he goes on with his mission. The trailer is full of moments that will make you happy as well as will make you think about how can a man take such a big responsibility to bring a revolution.

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The best thing is despite being a film with a significant underlying meaning, PadMan’s trailer is not preachy. Filmmaker R. Balki has made sure that he imparts wisdom about the subject with humour. There are jokes which will crack you up and you will easily relate with the subject as well as the characters. Akshay’s Toilet: Ek Prem Katha also made a special place in the hearts of the audience for its blend of humour in a social drama.

PadMan, starring superstar Akshay Kumar is based on the real life story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, who became a popular figure for inventing low-cost sanitary making machines. The revolutionary story of Arunachalam made its way to Twinkle Khanna’s second book The Legend Of Laxmi Prasad. She decided to produce a movie based on the same subject under her banner Mrs. Funnybones Movies. This is the first time she is on board as a film producer.

Watch the Padman trailer here:

Padman is ready to hit the cinemas on 26 January. Don’t forget to book your movie tickets on Paytm.