Shop-e-Fest 2018 : Shop, Eat, Groove & Repeat!

Your brand new 2018 deserves an exciting kick off. Pump up your adrenaline and stir your senses with a mega bonanza of an event. Find something that will excite your senses to a whole new level and keep you craving for more! It is finally time to leave your couch and step outdoors with your family and friends. Drown yourself into a three day bundle of refreshingly raw fun and amusement.

We are talking about none other than the Shop-e-Fest 2018!

Shop! Shop! Shop!

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This spectacular extravaganza includes some of the best experiences when it comes to shopping. Stay indulged in a hub which is screaming of bedazzling glamour, adrenalized fun and adventure! To explore and shop in such an electrified setting is a far cry from the average and dry experience of an average mall or marketplace.   

Satiate the Foodie Within

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Be greeted by an absolute feast of a food festival, on the very sight of which your mouth will start watering unstoppably! Step out momentarily from the usual restaurant culture and let yourself drown into the vast array of sumptuous and delectable nibbles. Served by over sixty stalls, each represent cuisines from different corners of the world. This food festival is what dreams are made of when it comes to us peeps who are hard-core foodies at heart!   

Treat Your Senses to Music

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While you pamper your taste buds with delicious feasts and burden your arms with ever-growing number of shopping bags, why leave out your ears!? Behold one of the best music festivals the country shall ever see and experience the purest form of eargasm! Dazzle your sight with some of the most brilliantly floodlit performances. Let yourself enter a soulful trance from the music played by a highly gifted and eclectic assemblage of artists.  

And so much more

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Remarkably fun and diverse line-ups of activities and events for your amusement such as beer yoga, instant comedy sessions and headphone parties are readily available. Create exciting and memorable experiences while at the festival to an extent which can be limited only by your own imagination!

What: Shop-e-Fest

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When: 19 – 21 Jan 2018 | 11:30 AM onward

Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi

Don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity and make sure to reserve your tickets for the Shop-e-Fest on Paytm.