‘Black Panther (2018)’ : Everything You Need To Know


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Marvel Studios has given the world some of their favourite superhero movies – The Iron Man Series, The Thor Series and the Captain America Series amongst others. This year, the production house will release Black Panther. It is one of the most highly anticipated films of 2018. After numerous attempts at making the film for over 20 years, the movie will finally hit the big screen!

There are many things to know about this enigmatic superhero. Don’t worry, we got you covered:

Who is the Black Panther?

Image Source: Marvel Studios

The Black Panther is an iconic African superhero from the universe of Marvel. In the series, the “Black Panther” is a ceremonial title. It is given to the current King and protector of the African nation of Wakanda. There have been several Black Panthers over the years. T’Challa earned the title of Black Panther from his father, T’Chaka. It was given only after he successfully performed the necessary rituals. T’Challa is a highly skilled fighter and boasts of genius level intellect, especially in physics and advanced technology.

Over the decades, T’Challa has accomplished a lot. He has earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Oxford, fought the Ku Klux Klan, killed vampires in New Orleans, taught students in Harlem and also managed to get married to Storm from X-Men.

The Black Panther first appeared in the #52 issue of the Fantastic Four comic around 50 years back. He was a mysterious physicist with brilliant intellect, super human strength and enhanced capabilities granted by a great Panther deity. The Fantastic Four assisted the Black Panther in battling off his arch enemy, Ulysses Klaw.

The Black Panther was gradually integrated into the expansive world of Marvel superheroes. Whenever the Marvel world faced a complicated science problem, T’Challa was the one to consult. The Black Panther steadily grew his fanbase in the Marvel community.

The character was created by Marvel’s legendary duo of Stan Lee (writer) and Jack Kirby (artist).


Image Source: Marvel Studios

Although T’Challa is a card-holding Avenger, his core loyalty lies with Wakanda. It is the most technologically advanced land in Marvel’s world. Wakanda is known to be peaceful and isolated by nature. The kingdom has never been successfully invaded. It is due to the location but mostly due to its bulky Vibranium resources.

Wakanda is considered as a stealth power due to its massive Vibranium deposits. Vibranium is considered as a nearly-indestructible and energy-absorbing metal. Captain America’s iconic shield is made out of Vibranium!

Wakanda chose not to trade the metal with the outside world. Instead, they kept it with themselves and developed stellar feats of technology.

Strengths and Abilities:

Image Source: Marvel Studios

Upon becoming the ruler of Wakanda, T’Challa ate the Heart-Shaped Herb, which gave him superhuman capabilities. It enhanced his reflexes, speed, senses and healing to a whole new level. The Black Panther is seen to outpace Captain America on foot, demonstrating his inhuman potentials!

He is a tracker, scientist, tactician and strategist. He has mastered several forms of martial arts. His self defence style is a hybrid between acrobatics and animal mimicry. Although a master in armed combat, the Black Panther prefers to fight unarmed. He is a master planner and always plans several steps ahead.

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The Suit:

Black Panther
Image Source: Marvel Studios

Being royalty of a country with ample Vibranium resources, the suit consists of Vibranium mesh-weave giving it incredible strength. The suit also consists of retractable claws made of Vibranium. They left permanent scratches on Captain America’s shield! The comics also show us several energy daggers within the suit.

The Story till Now:

Image Source: Marvel Studios

The Black Panther made his first on-screen appearance in Captain America : Civil War.

In the movie, a bomb kills T’Chaka, the father of T’Challa and former king of Wakanda. It happens during a conference in Vienna, where the Avengers’ accords were being ratified. The bomber was Barnes, a brain-washed super soldier who T’Challa vows to kill.

Premise for Black Panther (2018):

Image Source: Marvel Studios

After the dramatic events of Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returns to his kingdom as its new leader. Two of his foes from within the country, challenges his throne. To protect his kingdom, the Black Panther must team up with members of Wakanda’s special forces, Dora Milaje, and CIA agent, Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman). The Black Panther must fend off his enemies and save his kingdom from a world war!

Directed by Ryan Coogler, the Black Panther is the first solo black superhero film in Marvel’s universe.

The Trailers:





The Black Panther Trailer seems like the perfect mixture of classic superhero action and sci-fi!

The trailer begins with a scene in which C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross interrogates Black Panther’s arch enemy, Ulysses Klaw. As he describes his perception of the city of Wakanda, the trailer takes us through glimpses from the film. Wakanda is one of most technologically advanced nations in Marvel’s universe and the trailer does not disappoint while showing it. From dazzling futuristic cities to glimpses of the tribal paradise of Wakanda, Black Panther seems to be offering a visual treat!

It is easy to predict how action-packed Black Panther is going to be. Classic superhero action scenes show a blazingly fast Black Panther taking down his arch enemies. With a suit that can deflect bullets and retractable Vibranium claws, not much will stand in the Black Panther’s way! Overpopulated with exciting new characters, the Black Panther seems to have its audience at the edge of their seats.

Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s special forces must team up with the Black Panther to fend off his two foes and save the kingdom. The trailer shows us some stunning action scenes from the Dora Milaje, leaving us craving for more!

Wakanda has enemies from within the country: Ulysses Klaw and Erik Killmonger (Andy Serkis), a classic villain from Marvel comics and the Black Panther’s arch rival. The duo collaborates to bring down T’Challa from his throne and take over the kingdom.

It promises a relentless potboiler of superhero action and it is hard for us to keep still!

Black Panther releases on 16th February 2018. We cannot wait for this new superhero blockbuster! Book your tickets now on Paytm.