Sushant Singh Rajput Is Unrecognizable In The First Look Of Son Chiriya

Director Abhishek Choubey is back with another intense movie after Udta Punjab. Based on the lives of the notorious dacoits of Chambal, the film is titled Son Chiriya. After a long wait, making its way through all the buzz, the first look of the film is finally out. Sushant Singh Rajput, who plays the lead, shared the picture on his Twitter profile.

Image Source: Twitter

Sushant is cast opposite Bhumi Pednekar who wooed us with her performance in Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. In the picture, Sushant is seated alone, dressed as a dacoit. There is a gun resting by his side as he seems lost in his thoughts. The actor’s look is raw and rugged, with a beard that’s making it hard to recognize him at first glance. The background seems to be a deserted spot with barely any sign of human habitation. A lone tree stands out against a vast field, somehow building an atmosphere that reeks of uncertainty, danger and mystery.

Image Source: Instagram

Son Chiriya is the first film to bring Sushant and Bhumi together. We will also see Manoj Bajpayee playing a vital role. Shot in the ravines of Chambal, the story is set in the 1970s. In order to do justice to her role, Bhumi has been undergoing dedicated physical training while adopting multiple lifestyle changes simultaneously. At the same time, she has been interacting with rural women in the area to prep up for her performance. We can look forward to an authentic Chambal dialect in the dialogues of the film among the many intricate details that add to  its realistic appeal.

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The director will take a break from the usual focus on bloodshed that is so characteristic of movies that revolve around the theme of dacoits. Instead, the focus of Son Chiriya is more about their lifestyle, an aspect that hasn’t been explored to its full potential. The plot also includes a romantic angle between the lead characters.

Image Source: Twitter

Abhishek Choubey has given us films like Udta PunjabDedh Ishqiya and Ishqiya in the past, all of which won critical acclaim and were infused with deep meanings. Son Chiriya too promises a new perspective into the theme that it has picked up. With a strong star cast known for their impactful performances, the upcoming movie will perhaps set new records.

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