Binte Dil: The Latest Song From Padmaavat Proves That Our Khilji Obsession Is Here To Stay!

Magnificent and royal, the period drama Padmaavat oozes grandeur that has become a trademark of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies. While every aspect of the film has been receiving critical acclaim, the music is an undebatable treat to the ears. Ranging from Rajasthani folk elements to tribal Afghani beats, the variety is evident in every song. So, if the release of the energetic “Khalibali” took you by surprise, the latest track “Binte Dil” will certainly steal your heart.

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The song is another magical composition by acclaimed lyricist A. M. Turaz, best known for songs like “Aayat” from Bajirao Mastani and “Tera Zikr” from Guzaarish. Filled with Arabic and Persian phrases, Binte Dil reflects a mesmerizing middle- eastern influence. Arijit Singh’s delightful singing further heightens this effect. Unlike Arijit’s usual romantic style, we get to hear a very different texture of his voice. And it is mysterious and surprisingly seductive at the same time.

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The video begins with Jim Sarbh singing the song holding a torch in his hand. Ranveer Singh, in his Khilji avatar is shown in a bathtub, silently enjoying the music and moving to the rhythm in a subtle, peaceful manner. This comes across as a striking contrast to the menacing portrayal of Khilji in other parts of the movie.

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Watch the full video of Binte Dil here:

Jim Sarbh plays the role of Malik Kafur, a slave boy who was presented as a gift to Alauddin Khilji. Sarbh’s portrayal of Kafur as a queer right hand to Khilji is absolutely remarkable. Not only does he add life to the way a devoted slave would serve his master, he actually comes across as a sharp and intelligent character who would go to any lengths to please, protect, entertain and even love a ruthless Sultan. Furthermore, his carefully chosen accent and refined expressions make him a sheer delight to watch. Though Sarbh is only four films old in Bollywood, he has displayed an excellent range of his acting abilities between portraying a dangerous terrorist in Neerja to the charming Malik Kafur in Padmaavat.

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Bhansali’s musical compositions for Padmaavat are extremely intelligent. On one hand, it includes a powerful background score, the sounds of war and love themes throughout. On the other, songs like Khalibali and Binte Dil offer a refreshing change that compels you to update your playlist immediately!

Padmaavat is doing exceptionally well since its release. While you enjoy the music, don’t miss out on its stunning visual appeal. Book your tickets on Paytm and get assured cashback.