Mission Impossible: Fallout Trailer: Ethan Hunt Is As Indestructible As Ever

The trailer for the latest movie in the Mission Impossible series has released. This is the sixth MI installment since its introduction in the year 1996. In tune with the earlier films in the franchise, Mission Impossible: Fallout seems every bit as compelling as you would expect.

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As expected, Tom Cruise reprises his role as IMF’s top agent Ethan Hunt for this new thriller-action sequel. (IMF or the Impossible Missions Force is a fictional spy agency that is one of the key elements in the MI universe.) This time, he appears in an impossible situation, facing the consequences of a mission gone wrong. The trailer opens with the IMF team and its allies trying to fix the problem before it’s too late.

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Adrenaline-infused car and motorcycle chases coupled with breathtaking stunts are the USP of the trailer. The most jaw-dropping moments include Tom Cruise dangling from a helicopter and jumping between buildings located quite far apart.

The plot revolves around the outcome of the choices made by Ethan Hunt throughout his career in IMF. The notion that “it’s all a fallout of his good intentions” clarifies the title of the film. The MI:6 trailer also hints at a threat of nuclear terrorism after a box of plutonium goes missing.

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The filming locations for Mission Impossible: Fallout are spread across Norway, London, Paris and New Zealand. So, we get glimpses of some very impressive sets and outdoor spots in the trailer.

Watch the trailer here:

Henry Cavill, known for playing Superman in multiple movies, appears as a mysterious character named August Walker. Walker is presumably a villain. However, in the trailer, he actually points out how the government has betrayed Hunt multiple times.

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Mission Impossible: Fallout also features actors like Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson returning in their roles from the previous MI movies. MI:6 is produced by Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot Productions and SkyDance Media.

Mission Impossible: Fallout hits the theaters on July 27. Don’t forget to book your tickets on Paytm.