The Latest Pari Poster Will Give You Nightmares!

Anushka Sharma has been unveiling the details of Pari in a very gradual fashion. The upcoming horror film is being made under her home production banner. Shrouded in mystery, the haunting promotional images have created a buzz on social media. The latest poster, released today, further adds to the chilling effect.

Image Source: Twitter

The actress is known for playing cheerful characters in most films. However, Pari introduces a drastic change to that. The first motion poster captioned “Holi with Pari” left us gaping last month. It featured Anushka’s face slowly transforming into a wounded and scratched version of itself. With bloodshot eyes and a silent glare, the overall effect was absolutely shocking.

Image Source: Twitter

The actress has been dropping several hints about her role in Pari through her tweets. This time, it only gets creepier. The latest poster shows her standing beside a man. At first, the blank look in her eyes startles you. But then, it is her hand, resting on the man’s shoulder that takes up all your attention. You can’t help but gasp as you notice the dirty, broken fingernails bleeding and staining the man’s shirt!

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In addition to the poster, Anushka also shared a short teaser that concludes in the most jaw-dropping scene. Watch it here:

The look and feel of all the Pari posters have constantly had a gloomy blue hue. And every new poster has piqued the level of intrigue among the audience. Add to that Anushka’s captions like “She will grow on you” or “Sooner or later, fate shows up at your doorstep…..” and you have everything that you need for the perfect horror recipe!

The film is the directorial debut of Prosit Roy and stars Parambrata Chatterjee as the male lead. Chatterjee has starred in several Bengali films and rose to nationwide fame playing a significant character in Kahaani. 

Pari hits the theaters on March 2. Don’t forget to book your tickets on Paytm.