Be The First To Watch ‘Black Panther’ With Paytm IMAX First Cut

Gear up for the all new superhero blockbuster from Marvel Studios! Black Panther is to release this 16th February 2018. Your wait is finally over and we have some surprises for you! Read on to find out all about it:

Black Panther – The Plot:

Black Panther
Image Source: Marvel Studios

After the dramatic events of Captain America: Civil War, King T’Challa returns to his African kingdom, Wakanda, as King and Black Panther. He soon finds out about his two foes threatening his throne. Black Panther must now team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross and the Dora Milaje, Wakandan Special Forces.

The movie is starring a stellar cast which includes Chadwick Boseman, Martin Freeman, Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’O amongst others. Black Panther will offer a cinematic experience like none other!

Paytm IMAX First Cut:

Paytm has teamed up with IMAX, to bring you the all new Paytm IMAX First Cut experience! So, how is this exclusive? What can you expect from this? Find out here:

Watch Black Panther before it releases!

For starters, you get to watch Black Panther a day before anyone else does in India! That’s right. Gather your family and friends to go watch Black Panther on 15th February, 2018. This is your opportunity to watch the movie a day before it even releases in India.

The IMAX Experience:

A Marvel superhero movie like Black Panther deserves the best cinematic experience for you to enjoy. That is what makes IMAX theatres your perfect go-to choice. Let’s take a look at the brilliant features which the IMAX experience offers you:

IMAX Projectors: Redefining Film Projection

Black Panther
Image Source: IMAX

Every IMAX movie will consist of perfect clarity, detail and size. The DMR or remastering process of IMAX reproduces the finest possible version of the filmmaker’s vision. Balancing warmth and sharpness, two projectors run simultaneously to produce the perfect image. The IMAX experience is as close to reality as you will get while being in a theatre!

IMAX Speakers: Don’t Even Miss A Pin Drop!

Image Source: IMAX

An IMAX movie is incomplete without a sound experience which will leave you gripped and craving for more! From the slightest pin drop to the loudest explosion, the IMAX speakers won’t let you miss a thing. You will feel the rumbling bass instead of hearing it. The combination of perfectly tuned sound speakers have been precisely positioned in a theatre which has been customized to bring this experience to life.

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IMAX Camera: A New Benchmark

Image Source: IMAX

Considered nothing less of a legend amidst filmmaking tools, the IMAX Camera is an absolute favourite of the biggest filmmakers. A highly intricate piece of technology, it has travelled on top of the Everest to the bottom of the ocean and even to space. For over 40 years, the IMAX camera has pushed the very boundaries of premium filmmaking tools.

IMAX Theatre: As Real As Film Watching Gets

Image Source: IMAX

In an IMAX theatre, you don’t simply watch a film. You experience it. That is why it is called the IMAX Experience. Every element is meticulously planned to create the most intense experience of movie watching. The science lies in theatre geometry which ensures a memorable experience every time the lights go down.

And There’s More:

The surprises are not over! For all the Mumbaikers, we have something special for you apart from everything we mentioned above. Catch the hilarious Kenny Sebastian, Rohan Joshi and Naveen Richard LIVE hosting the red carpet event for Black Panther at the PVR Phoenix Mills Lower Parel Mumbai!

Here’s what Naveen Richard tweeted:

Experience Black Panther in IMAX theatres in these locations:

  1. Paytm Imax-Inox R City
  2. PVR Phoenix Mills Lower Parel Mumbai
  3. Cinepolis: IMAX Viviana Mall, Thane
  4. Carnival: IMAX, Wadala

Do not miss your chance to watch Black Panther tomorrow before anyone else! Make sure to book tickets before they run out on Paytm.