All About Paytm-IMAX First Cut ‘Black Panther’ Exclusive Screening

A match made in heaven, as some would call it – Paytm-IMAX First Cut is an initiative wherein we introduce exclusive movie screenings for our movie buffs. In its first ever tie up with IMAX, Paytm has now extended its user engagement plan by offering more than just movie tickets.

How does it work? 

Paytm-IMAX First Cut aims at holding premieres and exclusive screenings for avid movie lovers who want to watch the latest movies before the official release date. We made our debut on February 15, with the exclusive screening of Black Panther at 12 cinemas across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru.

People who booked tickets to the exclusive screening were ensured a paperless entry which made it even more convenient. A quick scan of the tickets on their smartphone was all that was required for entering the cinema. A team of ushers were also present on ground to facilitate the process and make the flow as smooth as possible.

How did the debut screening go?

Awesome! The exclusive screening was met with an overwhelming response with over 3700 movie buffs attending the show and 100% occupancy was recorded across all 4 cities.

Black Panther was one of the most awaited movies of this year. A brainchild of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie features Chadwick Boseman, Micheal B. Jordan and the Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o in the lead roles. It also happens to be the first black superhero movie ever. Needless to say, the exclusive screening was a visual treat for the Marvel fans.

Dedicated zones of movie art and installations  were made at all cinemas so that fans could click selfies or share their excitement with their friends and family. From red carpets to official merchandise like movie posters and figurines, Marvel fans were guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. Many attendees also took to social media to talk about their experience of the exclusive screening.

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To top this, 60 OnePlus smartphone users who participated in a social media contest held by the company were rewarded with free tickets to the screening.

For the cine-goers in Mumbai, it was not just an exclusive screening. One of the most acclaimed comedians of the country – Kenny Sebastian, Rohan Joshi and Naveen Richard opened the show. It was a thorough laugh riot. Also, they marveled (no pun intended) the movie along with them!

Why are we doing this?

We say, why not? We want to get you your movie fix for everything. Why limit to just booking tickets, then? Exclusive screenings set you apart from the regular cine-goers. You are special! And with Paytm-IMAX, we want to ensure that your movie watching is taken to the next level.

To enrich the experience more, the audience is treated to complimentary popcorn combos and even gifted movie merchandise. It’s all about living the grand experience and feeling special.

What’s more in store?

After the humongous success of Paytm IMAX First Cut, we plan to bring the best of upcoming Hollywood, Bollywood or regional content to view before the release date. With Paytm being the pioneer in bringing the concept of premieres and exclusive screenings, there is so much more in store for our movie lovers!

After Mumbai, your city could be the next one to enjoy the additional perks of the exclusive screening. Till then, make sure to book your tickets on Paytm