Anushka Sharma Continues To Spook Us With The Fourth “Pari” Screamer

If you thought that Anushka Sharma was done scaring us after the release of the Pari trailer, you were wrong. She just shared another teaser that will give you goosebumps right from the word go!

So far, the teasers have been adding countless unanswered questions about the plot and the characters alike. There are two Anushkas, one seems to be a witch while the other an abuse victim. It gets darker as it gets harder to distinguish one from the other.

Image Source: Twitter

The fourth teaser/screamer of Anushka’s mysterious new project takes her character’s bizarre antics to a whole new level. The 22-seconds long clip zooms into a partially open door towards a balcony. At first, the view is blocked by the fluttering curtains, all in slow motion. It is the next scene that makes you hold your breath and drop your jaw.

Image Source: Twitter

The camera focuses on Anushka, squatting on the balcony railings in an utterly eerie atmosphere. Not just that, she slowly turns her face to look into the camera and it is just what you would have anticipated- bloodshot eyes, a blank stare and a deathly pale face! If you don’t believe how spooky it gets, see for yourself:

The look and feel of all the posters and screamers for Pari have maintained a gloomy blue hue. It perfectly enhances the fear factor that the filmmakers have obviously aimed to generate. Just like the earlier captions, Anushka’s “I am waiting..” with this screamer is the ideal garnish for this perfect horror recipe.

The film is the directorial debut of Prosit Roy and stars Parambrata Chatterjee as the male lead. Chatterjee has starred in several Bengali films and rose to nationwide fame playing a significant character in Kahaani.

Pari hits the theaters on March 2. Don’t forget to book your tickets on Paytm.