5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Pari’

One of the most anticipated movies of the year, Pari is set to release on March 2. With just a few days to go, if you still are unsure as to why you should drop everything and go watch Pari this Holi, don’t worry we have got you!

1. Anushka’s First Stint at Horror

Anushka Sharma is a decade old in the Indian film industry. From playing pivotal roles with who’s who of the industry, she has done it all. Or so did it seem! This is her first encounter with the horror genre. Previously, she did portray the role of a friendly ghost in Phillauri but this is the first time she has submerged herself completely into the genre. Don’t believe us? Have a look yourself!

Sweet dreams guys… #HoliWithPari

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2. Second Bollywood Outing for Parambrata

An established Bengali actor and director, Parambrata Chatterjee tasted the sweet success in the Hindi Film Industry with Kahaani in 2012. And, may we say he liked what he tasted! So much so that he is prepped up yet again with his second Hindi film. With his simple looks and fine acting, we are already excited to see how he is going to tackle the horrific version of Anushka!

3. Directorial Debut for Prosit Roy

Prosit Roy briefly made his presence felt with the enthralling award-winning short film- Bloody Moustache. Previously, he has assisted on films like Ek Thi Daayan and Delhi 6. One has to take a moment and laud Clean Slate Films for their faith and guts to give platform to new upcoming directors. And, they sure do deliver! Pari is the directorial debut for the young director.

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4. ‘No Marketing’ is also a form of Marketing!

Marketing post filming is an active trend and unsaid golden rule everyone abides by in today’s time. In most of the cases, there are fixed budgets set aside for the movie much before it goes on the floors. In such times, the brother-sister (Karnesh Sharma – Anushka Sharma) duo of producers decided to not do any interviews or on-ground promotions for the movie. Reportedly, they don’t want to lineup any interviews, lest end up revealing anything from the film. They want to keep the mystery intact. Well, call it marketing or not, we sure as hell are excited! Aren’t you?

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5. Prosthetics/MakeUp are the highlight of the movie

Right from the first poster, to the trailer and followed up screamers, Anushka Sharma scared the bejesus out of us. She sure has spiked everyone’s interests with the visuals. Ever wondered what goes on in the making of such spine-chilling characters on screen? The makers of Pari recently shared a video throwing light over the fascinating transformation.

Afterthoughts post watching the video: Anushka Sharma and Mansi Multani are the visual transition of a living nightmare in this film. Well, thanks to the National Award winning prosthetic designer Clovor Wootton!

This is not a fairytale. Just a few days to go! Don’t forget to book your tickets on Paytm.