Pushing The Limits: This Was The Toughest Role For Rajkummar Rao, One Of The Finest Actors Today

From portraying a confused young man to donning the heavily wrinkled appearance of a 324-year old, Rajkummar Rao has mastered every role with his acting finesse. Ever since the release of his first film Love, Sex Aur Dhokha, the actor has constantly grown into a more refined version of himself. A graduate of the prestigious Film & Television Institute in Pune, Rao is considered one of the finest Indian actors of his generation today.

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After working with actors like Aamir Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao went on to win the National Award for the Best Actor within three years of his career. His performances have earned him wide critical acclaim and commercial popularity all over the country. In addition to that, he bears all the qualities that make up a perfect actor:

1. He is bold enough to undergo drastic transformations for his roles

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Rao’s unrecognizable look in Raabta is not the only example of his willingness to experiment with his looks. In order to ensure the most accurate portrayal of his characters, he has never shied away from the necessary makeup, clothing and even bodily transformations. On one hand, he has been impressive in a disheveled look in Trapped and on the other, he shaved half his head and worn librarian glasses in the web series Bose: Dead or Alive. While he embraced a bespectacled nerdy look in Kai Po Che, he also shone in the to-the-point look of a lawyer in Shahid.

2. He has a highly versatile range of characters on his portfolio

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Rao has displayed an astonishing versatility in his choice of characters. Whether it is romantic, crazy, intelligent, gloomy or spooky and mysterious, he has explored every shade and emotion on screen. He is the same man who played the lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi while also convincing the audience as the troubled Shaurya, a man trapped in his own apartment.

3. He has a knack for grasping the nuances of every character, playing them most convincingly

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Every character played by Rao is made distinct because of their body language, accents and mannerisms. More importantly, it is the highly believable nature of these nuances that makes them so perfect. And the reason why this is possible is because of the actor’s ability to delve deeper into these characters and bring out exactly what makes them stand out. It is almost unbelievable to watch him shift from an irritating man in Queen to an innocent, gullible one in Bareilly Ki Barfi.

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With all this perfection, it may seem that performing flawlessly comes easy to Rajkummar Rao. However, his recent tweet, “Easily the toughest character I’ve played till date” proves otherwise.

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The actor was referring to his lead role in the upcoming drama film Omerta. Rao plays the role of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the British terrorist responsible for the kidnappings of western tourists in India in 1994.

Considering the fact that Rao calls his role in Omerta the toughest in his career, we can only guess at the amount of hard work and dedication that has gone into it. It would be extremely intriguing to watch this performance that promises to add another feather to his cap. And as expected, Rao has again embraced a never-seen-before avatar that does full justice to his character.

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Directed by National Award-winning Hansal Mehta, Omerta is a film that focuses on the antagonist. In this case, it is one of the most dreaded terrorists in the world. Rao’s ability to slip under the skin of every character only enhances the menacing appeal of the film

Omerta releases on April 20. Don’t forget to book your tickets on Paytm.



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