New Venom Trailer Finally Shows The Face Of Evil!

Marvel fans in general and Spider Man fans in particular can finally rejoice. The new trailer for the highly anticipated thriller Venom is out. And it finally let’s us see Sony’s version of the notorious monster from Marvel’s Spiderverse.

Venom is Sony’s first venture into the said Spiderverse but without Spiderman in it. Instead, the film solely focuses on the alien symbiote that once infected the superhero, turning him more powerful but also, sinister. Disconnected from the events of Spiderman, Venom tells the story of journalist Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy.

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The previous teaser-trailer for the movie had left fans in a frenzy. Mostly, because the face of Venom, the name given to the monster, did not appear in it. The new trailer, however, unveils the iconic demon-like creature in the end.

Watch the trailer here:

The trailer gives away the crux of the story. Eddie Brock is investigating a lab that runs experiments putting subjects at fatal risk. Their new obsession with a strange alien substance raises new questions. Oblivious to the abilities of the symbiote, Brock comes in contact with it and is unable to stop it from taking over his actual personality.

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Dark and thrilling, the trailer rises to another level with Brock being able to communicate with the monster that is now inside him. Chases and encounters follow, showcasing the journalist’s new-found supernatural abilities. The face of Venom appears in the end after Brock is asked to reveal his identity.

Image Source: Twitter

Before the famous toothy-slobbering face of Venom is visible, we also get a glimpse of Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate in the trailer. Though the film has an anti-hero at its core, it would be fascinating to discover who finally succeeds in taking control- a kind and dutiful journalist or an unpredictable substance that has the ability to come alive.

Venom releases in October. Don’t forget to book your tickets on Paytm.