6 Things To Look Forward To In The Hilarious Deadpool Sequel

For better or worse, we’re going to be swimming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future. After the tremendous success of the currently running Avengers: Infinity War, there is a long line-up of superhero films from Marvel’s X-Men plane. To begin with, there is The New Mutants– first in a series of mutant horror films and then, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. In addition to that, Sony is entering Marvel’s Spiderverse with its own interpretation of Venom. Then of course, there is Ant-Man and the Wasp, the next Guardians of the Galaxy film and the most anticipated- Deadpool 2With Ryan Reynolds reprising the titular role, there’s going to be no lack of hilarity and interaction in this mad sequel to the 2016 movie!

Previously, on Deadpool…..

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Deadpool franchise revolves around Wade Wilson, a mercenary turned mutant. The first film began on a sad note with Wilson being diagnosed with cancer. However, things changed after he was approached by a mysterious man promising an even more mysterious cure. Although the latter removed the cancer, it also scarred Wilson for life by awakening his mutant genes. He soon assumes the identity of Deadpool to hunt down his enemies.

The major difference between Deadpool and other superheroes from the MCU is his unconventional, rib-tickling methods and behaviour.

Our Most Confident Expectations

1. More Humour

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The trailer itself has made it clear that Deadpool 2 will be crazier and funnier than its prequel. We can expect plenty of tongue-in-cheek references to other superheroes in the MCU, direct mocking of X-Men accents and the meta-mockery of Reynolds’s failed Green Lantern movie! Besides, the absolutely ridiculous posters further provide the assurance that we’re in for a laugh riot.

2. More Fourth-Wall Smashing

Breaking the fourth wall is one of the most iconic Deadpool tactics that never fail to induce laughter. The superhero knows he’s in a movie and begins talking to the audience!  We can be pretty confident to expect such moments in the sequel too.

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3. Cable and Domino

Deadpool 2 will mark the cinematic introduction of several characters including Cable and Domino. The latter is a mutant with a very special ability of controlling luck. While she puts her abilities to good use, it would be intriguing to know whose side she’d be on!

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On the other hand, Cable is the major anti-hero in the film. Son of X-Men Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, Cable was infected by a techno-organic virus. For his protection, he was transported to the future but managed to come back. However, the film will not focus much on Cable’s backstory and highlight his present issues and clashes with the lead character.

4. The Return of Vanessa

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In the first Deadpool movie, the character of Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin) did steal the show multiple times. She consistently surprised the audience with her antics like strapping Deadpool for a day and exchanging improbable stories. It is certain that we will see more of her in the sequel.

5. The Return of Colossus

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The complex character of Colossus from the X-Men Universe was a pleasant surprise in the first movie. From regrowing his limbs to covering his body in a dense layer of metal, he also became an epitome of strength and durability. In Deadpool 2he will appear again, as an important part of the story.

6. The Set-Up for X-Force

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While the introduction of new characters to the Deadpool franchise may seem random at first, they have a strong purpose. These characters will help link Deadpool to the larger X-Men Universe. According to the comic books, these characters will lay the foundation for X-Force- a recruitment of new mutants. In other words, they are building the premise for the next movie in line.

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