Best of Ryan Reynolds : Decoding the Funniest Guy in Town

“Are you stalking me? Because that would be super.” – Ryan Reynolds

The quote mentioned above is just enough to explain the kind of personality Ryan Reynolds has. He is all things cool and funny. But don’t even think even for a second assume that that’s all he can do. From his illustrious filmography, one can pick movie for every variety or genre. With a sequel of his most successful movie just round the corner, we are bringing you the best of Ryan Reynolds from his 27 years long career.


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Although he stepped into showbiz in 1991, it was the 2004 action/superhero flick Blade: Trinity which made people sit up and take notice of him. Despite Wesley Snipes playing the titular role, the supporting role of Hannibal King became an instant fan favourite. The movie also happens to be the first association between Reynolds and Marvel Entertainment. Also, the first ever superhero role he reprised on screen. (Yes, he indeed played a lot of them!)


Source: New Line Cinema

One of his many romantic comedy movies, Just Friends showcased him in never-seen-before avatar. The story revolves around the formerly overweight nerd played by Reynolds who returns to his hometown to win the heart of his high school crush. But even for this handsome actor, things aren’t as easy it may seem!


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If there were any notions regarding Reynolds doing just rom-coms, The Amityville Horror changed them all. After a string of successes in the romantic genre, the actor experimented with the horror genre. Might we say, it worked like a charm. The story is based on a book by the same name and a ninth installment of the Amityville film series. Revolving around the experiences of the Lutz family in their new house, the spine-chilling film is a treat for all the adrenaline junkies.


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Acclaimed by many as one of his best rom-coms, Definitely, Maybe takes the unusual route as opposed to the regular guy meets a girl and falls in love formula. Ryan Reynolds plays a father of a 10 year old who is curious to know how did her parents meet. In the midst of a divorce, Reynolds traces (metaphorically) his way back into the past and the daughter gets to guess who her mother is. Sounds like an interesting plot? Sure, it is!


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When two of the most loved actors – Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock come together on screen, it sure guarantees a large dose of laughter and entertainment. The boss (Bullock) faces deportation to Canada, in order to avoid that she proposes marriage to her assistant (Reynolds) in exchange of a promotion. But is it as easy as it sounds? A weekend trip to Reynolds’s hometown paves way for some unexpected chain of events.


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Besides rom-coms, another genre which Reynolds has experimented with the most is the comic/superhero. Back in 2009, little did anyone knew what a big phenomenon the character of Deadpool might be in the consequent years. Despite the grandeur of Wolverine, the fans took notice of the wisecracking mercenary Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool.

BURIED (2010)

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Proving his versatility with every creative choice, Reynolds surprised all the critics and fans alike with his marvelous performance in Buried. He essays the character of Paul, a US driver working in Iraq. In some unexpected turn of events, he is attacked by a bunch of Iraqis. The next thing he knows he is inside a coffin buried alive. With just his phone and lighter at hand, the race of survival gets harder and harder by every passing second.  


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Reynolds is one of the few actors who have acted out in both DC as well as Marvel movies. Making his debut in the former universe, he portrayed the role of Hal Jordan a.k.a. Green Lantern. Hal is granted an alien ring that allows him to access superhuman powers and inducts him into an intergalactic police force, The Green Lantern Corps. The narrative followed exactly the comics in every frame which is commendable.


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This was the first time Reynolds lent his voice for an animated character in the much-loved film The Croods. The story is set in ancient times when earlymen were all around and the man had not evolved that much. In such times, a family is on a look out for a new home after their cave is shattered. In the process, the daughter of the family stumbles into a new companion who is raised quite differently from the family. And, there begins a journey filled with adventures and laughter.


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An amalgamation of horror and comedy is a tricky genre to pull off but Ryan Reynolds makes everything looks effortless. The Voices is about a factory worker who can communicate to his cat and dog. While the cat urges him to become a killer, the dog tries to keep the sanity intact. He attempts to pursue his office crush but things turn menacing when the evil talking pets tries to help.


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How many variations of superheroes can one man play? It seems like Ryan Reynolds has put himself to such a challenge. What started off in 2004, when he first appeared as a superhero, paid off in innumerable accolades and love from fans when he donned the role of Deadpool. He essays the titular role, also known as Wade Wilson, who subjects himself to an experiment in order to get rid of cancer. The experiment has a flipside to it, he does obtain healing powers but at the cost of becoming severely disfigured. The weird circumstances give birth to the fan favourite, Deadpool.


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With two of the most acclaimed actors – Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson playing the lead roles, you know you’re in for a treat! Reynolds plays the role of a protection agent, Michael Bryce, who is assigned to protect one of the world’s most dangerous assassins, Darius Kincaid (Jackson). When two hot-headed guys meet, there sure are a lot of fireworks. So is the case here. But in order to tackle the far more dangerous events at hand, they work alongside each other. With this action/comedy, there was no trace of doubt left in anyone’s mind as to what all Reynolds can do!

If this line up of movies fall short, fret not! In a matter of a few days, Ryan Reynolds will be seen on screen in his most successful role till date – Deadpool. The sequel has been making waves worldwide since its announcement. Here is a glimpse of what’s in store!


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