‘Deadpool 2’ In Hindi: The Desi Voices Behind the Hilarious Characters!

Deadpool 2 has been making the right noise ever since it was announced. Fans went crazy as soon as the trailer featuring Ryan Reynolds reprising his titular role was out. For those who wish to watch the movie in Hindi, there’s so much that you ought to know!

The sequel is all set to hit the cinemas on 18th May. Just a few days ago, the makers of the movie released the Hindi trailer. It garnered a huge response for the power-packed punch of entertainment and the hilarious dialogues.

Ranveer Singh to Voice Deadpool!

Deadpool 2
Image source: Twitter

Deadpool is a superhero who is known for his quirky dialogues especially while thrashing his enemies. Who better than the edgy & witty Ranveer Singh to voice him. Going by the trailer, Ranveer’s voice works perfectly to heighten the impact of humour and the style of storytelling Deadpool is known for. The Hindi dubbed version has expletives galore with Ranveer speaking rib-ticking dialogues.

Sabko pata hai kya karna hai. Truck ko rokna hai, cable ko thokna hai!

Deadpool 2
Image source: Fox Star India

A mercenary turned mutant, Deadpool is known for is his unconventional, rib-tickling methods and behaviour. Ranveer’s charismatic personality is just the right thing that resonates with him. Just wonder the added fun when our desi Deadpool speaks those hilarious dialogues! We just can’t wait to see this desi version of Deadpool.

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While we all know the voice behind Deadpool’s character, there is another surprise awaiting you in the form of another amazing actor dubbing for the movie.

Bhuvan Bam To Voice Dopinder!

Image source: Twitter

Guess what, Dopinder will be voiced by Bhuvan Bam of BB Ki Vines! Yes, you heard that right. He became a rage after coming up with his YouTube comedy channel BB Ki Vines. With his great sense of humour, Bhuvan is the perfect choice for voicing Dopinder who is known for his amusing one-liners and exchanges with Deadpool.

In the sequel, Deadpool will be seen protecting a child from Cable, a time-travelling cybernetic mutant soldier along with his fellow mutants called X-Force.

Now just imagine, Ranveer and Bhuvan’s voice in the story. We wonder how much fun are we going to have in cinemas watching the entire adventure in Hindi. Expect a laugh riot!

Watch Deadpool 2 Hindi trailer here:

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