Mission Impossible: Everything You Need To Know Before The Latest Chapter Releases

Since the 1990s, IMF Agent Ethan Hunt and his various teams have been protecting the world against several calamities. Together, they have prevented a deadly virus outbreak, stopped the funding of secret wars and even taken down mysterious doomsday inventions. And the thrill keeps getting better every time. We are, of course, referring to the blockbuster series of Mission: Impossible, starring Tom Cruise in the lead.

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Much to the delight of the MI fandom, the series is back with its sixth installment- Mission Impossible: Fallout. As expected, it revives the impressive fictional spy agency IMF i.e. Impossible Missions Force in all its glory. Also, in tune with the earlier films in the franchise, MI:6 seems every bit as compelling as you would expect. But before you plunge into that, here’s a brief recap of Ethan Hunt’s story so far.

The Timeline

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Mission: Impossible (1996): The IMF is introduced for the first time and so is its most popular agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). However, the hero is trapped in a web of false murder accusations that are destroying IMF from within!

Mission: Impossible 2 (2000): Hunt’s new mission demands him to steal a deadly virus and destroy it before it can be used to start a global pandemic! Interestingly, the only ally who can make this possible is a criminal herself.

Mission: Impossible 3 (2006): A series of tips about a destructive device forces a “retired” Ethan Hunt to get back in the game and assemble a team of his own.

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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011): The entire IMF faces an accusation of having bombed the Kremlin during an investigation. But like always, the team beats all odds to clear its name and accomplish another impossible mission.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015): Ethan Hunt is under threat from an organization that no one believes exists! The first step in his mission is to actually locate this mysterious group called the Syndicate. And then, to bring it down by all means necessary.

Ever since its inception, the series has maintained a very loose sense of continuity between films. So, it is quite difficult to guess what turns the new film would take. The only certainty is the promise of Ethan Hunt’s return, recurring faces from the IMF and thrills that keep you on edge!

Recurring Elements

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The IMF Team: Every member of the IMF is the best at what they do, trained in both tactical and close-quarter combat. The recurring agents of the organization include Ethan Hunt, Ilsa Faust, Benjamin ‘Benji’ Dunn and Secretary Alan Hunley among others.

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The Human Pendulum:
Every film in the MI franchise boasts of a jaw-dropping action sequence where Hunt has to break into an ultra- secret facility. And he cannot do so without being suspended dangerously in mid- air! With time, these iconic stunts have constantly been getting better.

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The characters in Mission: Impossible have a knack for swapping faces for the purpose of accomplishing an impossible goal. Some times, it is the heroes doing and at others, the villains do it to beat IMF at its own game, adding the much appreciated plot twist. All of it is possible only because of the highly realistic masks that are crafted using a special device.

The Mission:
Another constant in the MI movies is the way Ethan Hunt gets to know about his mission. An example of highly advanced technology, he is presented with a tape under unusual circumstances. Once the tape has played its message, it self- destructs itself.

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The Music:
The iconic theme music of Mission: Impossible is an indispensable element of all the films in the series. It builds suspense, reflects the intensity of a situation and even, announces the approach of stunning, high- octane sequences.

The Chuck Cunningham Syndrome:
Every main female member of Ethan’s team disappears in the next film, with no explanation given! This is a classic case of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, a situation where characters just vanish without impacting the further plot. 

New Adventures that Await

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Tom Cruise’s return as Ethan Hunt for the sixth time will mark the biggest mission of his career so far. The film embraces the character- driven continuity of the franchise once again and the stunts keep getting crazier. Most noteworthy is the “HALO jump” i.e. the unbelievable High Altitude, Low Open jump rom a plane hovering at a height of 25,000 feet! This makes Tom Cruise the first actor in the world to perform this stunt on camera.

Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, the film follows Ethan Hunt and his IMF team as they deal with the aftermath of a mission gone wrong. The plot also has a nuclear terrorism angle coupled with the outcome of choices made by Ethan throughout his career.

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Mission Impossible: Fallout also features actors like Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson returning in their roles from the previous MI movies. MI:6 is produced by Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot Productions and SkyDance Media.

Mission Impossible: Fallout hits the theaters on July 27. Don’t forget to book your tickets on Paytm.