7 Strange Symbols In Horror Movies That Have Real-Life Occult Origins!

Fiction always carries an ounce or more of reality along. Whether it is the concepts, the incidents or just basic motifs, the inspiration lies in real-life episodes, customs and beliefs in some way or the other. And good horror movies have utilized the combination of reality and fiction in the most terrifying ways. One such example is the use of strange symbols as an important part of the plot. So, if the on-screen appearances of these symbols didn’t scare you enough, their reality definitely would!

1. The Circle of Protection, Skeleton Key

Image Source: Universal Pictures

Skeleton Key is one of those horror movies that thrive on occult beliefs and practices. Interestingly, the “circle of protection” that appears in the film is actually an important part of pagan witchcraft rituals originating in England!

2. A bunch of demonic symbols, A Dark Song

Image Source: Twitter

All the strange symbols used by the occultist Solomon in A Dark Song are dangerous enough in reality to be able to invoke evil entities as well as to summon demons.

3. Twanas, The Blair Witch Project

Image Source: Twitter

The creepy stickmen or “Twanas” recurring in the film are inspired by the older versions of voodoo dolls that were prevalent during dark magic rituals of the medieval times.

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4. The Star Symbol, Starry Eyes

Image Source: Dark Sky Films

Though the symbol resembles the iconic pentagram, it is more of a summoning charm for the demon Astraeus in the movie. However, according to Greek mythology, Astraeus was an astrological deity.

5. The Mysterious Bughuul Symbol, Sinister

Image Source: Blumhouse Productions

Used for suggesting the arrival and presence of a malevolent being in the movie, this symbol hails from ancient Babylonian mythology and can also be found in early Christian records of pagan- occult practices.

6. Gateway for the Antichrist, Devil’s Due

Image Source: 20th Century Fox

The strange cult symbol recurring in the movie has its roots in present day North America. And references of the same can be found in the stories circulating among the natives even today.

7. Symbol of King Paimon, Hereditary

Image Source: PVR Pictures

Hereditary is one of the savagely scary horror movies that promise to keep you hooked till the end. And one of the major plot highlights is a complex occult symbol. In reality, this symbol is known as the “Seal of Paimon”. The latter was a mysteriously powerful emperor who appears in Ars Goetia aka The Lesser Key of Solomon aka an anonymous ancient book on demonology!

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