MI To MI6: Tom Cruise’s 6 Most Dangerous Stunts Throughout The Series!

Crashing motorcycles, dangling from air crafts and jumping off skyscrapers, Tom Cruise has done it all throughout the Mission Impossible movies. With the sixth installment of the MI franchise all set to release, the anticipation is really high for all the new action that the movie has to offer. But before we delve into the actor’s most anticipated stunt in history, here’s a throwback to the best ones from every Mission: Impossible movie.

1. Fish Tank Explosion: MI

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

Who needs a stuntman when working with Tom Cruise? The bold action-star has constantly been performing MI’s jaw-dropping  action sequences himself. It all started 19 years ago with the first Mission: Impossible movie. Among the many incredible scenes in the film was the dangerous fish tank explosion. It featured 16 tons of water and shattered glass sweeping Cruise off his feet! The actor ended up with an ankle injury but that didn’t discourage him from continuing more stunts in the movies that followed.

2. Extreme Rock Climbing: MI2

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

The death-defying rock climbing stunt in Mission Impossible 2 was how the movie began. Shot at the height of 2000 feet, the scene captured Cruise climbing dry mountains without a harness! Also, there was no safety net at the bottom while the scene was filmed. Even though the actor was requested to not do the stunt himself, he pulled it off anyway, tearing his shoulder in the process.

3. Bridge Attack: MI3

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

This terrifying scene involved a drone shooting missiles only a few feet away from Cruise! As he runs away for dear life, the blast completely lifts him off the ground, only to dump him on top of a car. The stunt left him injured in the ribs.

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4. Scaling the Tallest Building in the World:
MI4: Ghost Protocol

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

Tom Cruise climbing the Burj Khalifa and dangling from its spire was one of the crowning achievements for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Cruise actually hung from the sides of the tallest building in the world and even with safety nets, this turned out to be one of the most thrilling moments in the franchise.

5. Walking and Sliding on A Moving Airplane:
MI5: Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation, the fifth installment in the Mission Impossible series was full of breathtaking moments. However, the one that beat them all was the one with the moving airplane! As the actor struggled to maintain his stance on top of the air craft, he even slipped for a moment. Moreover, once he restored his balance, he was holding on to the door during take-off!

6. The HALO Jump: MI6: Fallout

Tom Cruise’s return as Ethan Hunt for the sixth time in Mission Impossible: Fallout marks the biggest mission of his career so far. Apart from the curious story line, it is the high- risk HALO jump that has captured the attention of the audience. The unbelievable High Altitude, Low Open jump starts atop an air plane hovering at a fatal height of 25,000 feet! And as usual, Cruise didn’t back away, emerging as the first actor in the world to perform this stunt on camera.

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