5 Sinister Reasons To Watch The Nun This Weekend!

There are horror movies and then, there are living, breathing nightmares that haunt you for weeks. And if we are to believe anything that The Nun trailer has taught us, this movie falls under the second category! Right from the creepy posters to the spine-chilling imagery in the promo clips, everything about The Nun is screaming, “Not for the faint-hearted.” Ironically, this is what attracts horror freaks the most!

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If you need more convincing, read on why The Nun deserves to be at the top of your watch-list.

1. The Nun Movie Trailer Promises the Darkest Chapter in the Franchise

Suicide, monsters, jump scares- The Nun trailer has everything! It is set in a Romanian abbey full of enough alleyways and cellars to spook out even the bravest of people. Moreover, the very fact that evil has infiltrated a supposedly holy place, tends to give us the chills.

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In case you were unaware, the film is shot in the Cârța Monastery- a place that is actually haunted. This monastery is located in Transylvania- a historic Romanian small town which is a hub of local superstitions and legend. Transylvania was also the prime location on which Bram Stoker centered his classic horror novel Dracula! In short, the movie, its theme and even its filming locations are brimming with fodder for your fears.

2. Return of Our Favorite Demon- Valak!

Bonnie Aarons, in all her ashen-faced glory, is reprising her role as the unforgettable nun who haunted the Warrens and our dreams first during The Conjuring 2. And this time, we’ll see her terrorizing the inmates of a mysterious abbey. We all know that this nun is just a facade put forth by the malevolent demon Valak. But why?

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Hopefully, through a series of religious cleansing sequences and references to mythology, The Nun will give us a better insight into the life and purpose of this evil force.

3. James Wan’s Genius Screenwriting

Think horror, think James Wan! The director has earned a massive fandom with his contributions to Hollywood’s horror genre. However, after the first two movies in The Conjuring Universe, Wan passed the directorial baton to others. That doesn’t mean he has complete withdrawn from the franchise. He has turned producer and screenwriter instead.

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In his recent interview for a featurette video, Wan elaborately talked about the inspiration behind expanding The Conjuring into an elaborate world. Taking ideas from superhero masterpieces, he decided to take the iconic Annabelle, the crooked man and Valak to the next level. Now, that’s some genius direction for a horror movie franchise.

4. Progenitor of The Conjuring Universe

Unlike the more recent settings of The Conjuring, its sequel and the two Annabelle films, The Nun is set in 1952 Europe. Drenched in mythology and biblical references, the film is more like a forgotten chapter in history. And it is all set for a revival.

The Conjuring 2
Image Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Basically, The Nun is the earliest stop in The Conjuring timeline. That means Valak came before the Enfield Haunting, before Annabelle, even long before Ed and Lorraine Warren! So, while you watch a Vatican priest investigate a nun’s suicide, don’t forget that a lot more is about to happen after the climax.

5. A Banned Youtube Video!

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Sometime in August, Youtube took down one of the ads run by Warner Bros. for promoting The NunReportedly, the 6-second footage was so shocking that it went against Youtube’s policies. Well, like Warner Bros. puts it, “Those ads were only 6 seconds long. The movie is 90 minutes.” You have been warned!

The Nun release date in India is September 7, 2018. Don’t forget to book your movie tickets on Paytm.


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