The Magic Of Kollywood: Revisiting 10 Of Our Favourite Tamil Movies

Whether it is unforgettable gangster dramas or out-of-the-box science fiction, Tamil movies never cease to impress the audience. Also known for their melodious music, these movies have proven to be a complete package of entertainment. Additionally, the super-stardom of legends like Rajnikanth, Kamal Haasan and Suriya contribute towards this thriving film industry. Among the endless examples of Kollywood’s masterpieces, here are ten that we love the most.

1. Kaakha Kaakha (2003)

kakka kakka
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Directed by Gautham Menon, Kaakha Kaakha is an  iconic action movie starring Suriya in the lead role. Not only did it serve as a new milestone in his career but also, established him as one of the most sought after names in Tamil movies.

2. Kaala (2018)

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Rajinikanth- starrer Kaala was one of the biggest blockbusters of 2018. It tells the story of a runaway child Kaala aka Karikaalan who grows up to be a powerful don. Written and directed by Pa. Ranjith, Kaala is full of intriguing twists and impressive dialogues. Also, it marked Huma Qureshi’s debut in the Tamil film industry.

3. Vikram Vedha (2017)

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The crime-thriller Vikram Vedha had turned out to be one of the highest grossing Tamil films in 2017. Moreover, it topped the IMDB list of 10 Best Indian Films of 2017. Starring R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in the lead roles, Vikram Vedha is based on a collection of Indian folk legends called “Baital Pachisi.” Furthermore, the success of the film has drawn the interest of Bollywood too, promising a Hindi remake.

4. Enthiran (2010)

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Starring Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles, Enthiran was the first Indian film about an Artificially Intelligent robot who turned out to be a threat to its own creator. While it garnered praise for its astonishing visual effects, Enthiran also became one of the first Tamil movies to explore the possible dangers of AI.

The film is all set for a sequel that introduces Akshay Kumar to Kollywood. While he would appear as the primary antagonist, superstar Rajnikanth will reprise his role from the earlier film.

5. Dasavathaaram (2008)

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Dasavathaaram is a sci-fi disaster film featuring Kamal Haasan in ten distinct roles! Apart from the intriguing characters, the film is also popular for focusing on the explanation of the “butterfly effect.” On one hand, the story is centered on advances in nano-biotechnology and on the other, it showcases the possibilities of a biological warfare.

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6. Pudhupettai (2006)

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Pudhupettai is a gangster film starring Dhanush in the lead role. The movie is set in the slums of Pudhupettai in Chennai. While the impressive action sequences form the major highlights of the plot, there are several twists that keep you hooked till the climax.

7. Kushi (2000)

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Kushi was one of the biggest hits of Vijay’s career. Directed by S.J. Surya, it narrated a beautiful love-hate story that became a rage among fans of Tamil movies. Following its success, Kushi was remade in other languages too.

8. 7aum Arivu (2011)

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An A. R. Murugadoss directorial, 7aum Arivu is a martial arts action-thriller. Featuring Suriya and Shruti Hassan in the lead, the story revolved around a great Tamil prince who mastered the ancient battle tactics and medical remedies. Shot in picturesque locales of southern India, the plot traced the prince’s journey to China. Although it was more of a visual treat, the intriguing plot added to its exceptional success.

9. Ghajini (2005)

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The psychological- thriller Ghajini turned out to be the biggest hits of Suriya’s career. In addition to enjoying tremendous success in the south from critics and the audience alike, Ghajini was also remade in Bollywood starring Aamir Khan in the lead.

10. Kabali (2016)

Image source: V Creations
Image source: V Creations

Starring superstar Rajnikanth in the titular role, Kabali was an intense crime-drama revolving around a fictional don named Kabaleeswaran alias Kabali. Unlike many gangster films that are centered on gang wars, Kabali focused more on the fights against oppression.

The beauty of Tamil movies lies in the variety that it offers. And the several genres that the industry keeps exploring enhance this variety.

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