10 Things To Look Forward To In Avengers: Endgame

Every Marvel movie promises three essential things- Jaw-dropping CGI action, an unpredictable plot and a mind-blowing climax. But the biggest release of 2019- Avengers: Endgame raises the bar a notch higher. As the restless countdown to April 26 continues in the Marvel fandom, we take a look at the movie’s most stunning highlights to look forward to.

1. Return of the Fallen Superheroes

Image Source: Marvel Studios

Though Marvel seems adamant about the Infinity War deaths being permanent, we’d like to believe otherwise. For instance, considering the upcoming Spiderman: Far From Home, we know for a fact that Peter Parker will come back to life. So, if one death can be reversed, chances are, several others could be too. Now, the burning question is, how many and in what way will the fallen superheroes return.

2. Captain Marvel Joining the Team

Image Source: Marvel Studios

The beacon of hope we saw in the post-credits scene of Infinity War, turned out to be the invincible Carol Danvers! As we know now, post the events of Captain Marvel, Nick Fury’s mysterious pager was a cry for help which didn’t go unheard. And her dramatic entry into the lives of existing Avengers is one of the most fascinating highlights to look forward to.

3. The Fate of Iron Man & Captain America

Image Source: Marvel Studios

Speculation is abuzz that two of the most loved superheroes will not survive Avengers: Endgame! As the trailers suggest, Iron Man and Captain America will finally move past their differences. However, either one or both of them might make the ultimate sacrifice. It is this uncertainty about their fate that makes this another curious aspect to look forward to.

4. The Longest Run-Time Ever!

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At 3 hours and 1 min, Avengers: Endgame will be the longest Marvel movie till date. Naturally, it means that there is a large part of the story waiting to be told.

5. An Epic Standoff Against Thanos- Again!

Image Source: Marvel Studios

The devastating clash between the Avengers and the Mad Titan had only led to disappointment earlier. Not only was he able to capture all six infinity stones, he was also successful in his master plan of wiping off half the universe. But now that the superheroes are better equipped and better motivated, the tables might turn. The way the new war unfolds will decide the future of the MCU. And this anticipation automatically raises a lot of other questions. Can the snap be undone? Will the infinity stones be retrieved? Will Thanos die? How will Captain Marvel ensure the victory of the Avengers?

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6. Return of Hawkeye & Ant-Man

Image Source: Marvel Studios

The two key players- Ant-Man and Hawkeye had been missing throughout the crucial war. While we know how Ant Man was on house-arrest and then lost in the quantum realm post another mission, Hawkeye’s whereabouts have been uncertain. The way both manage to return to the team is a curious plot-point to look forward to.

7. Stan Lee’s Last Cameo

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While Stan Lee’s demise last year had left fans in tears, he has one more appearance to make. His cameo for Avengers: Endgame had already been shot before he died.

8. Introduction to a Post Endgame MCU

Image Source: Marvel Studios

The fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe greatly depends on the events of Avengers: Endgame. If this is touted as the big finale to a series of 22 Marvel movies, what will come next? Will there be a post-credits scene this time? Will the humour be replaced by an overload of emotions? What direction would the plot go now? Only time will tell.

9. Unveiling of Dr. Strange’s Plan

Image Source: Marvel Studios

One of the most heartbreaking deaths in Infinity War was that of Dr. Stephen Strange’s. However, he did set up the base for ensuring victory for the Avengers the next time. The Master of the Mystic Arts had used the Time Stone to look into millions of future possibilities in which the war could end. That means, he figured out a way that would lead to Thanos’ ultimate defeat. Despite all of that, as well as despite his obvious dislike for Tony Stark, Strange chose to give up his life and save Tony’s. This was only one part of his puzzling actions. The second part was his last words, “This was the only way!” Avengers: Endgame would throw light on what he meant and why he did what he did.

10. Answers to Every Other Question Haunting Us Since the Infinity War

Image Source: Marvel Studios

The list of questions that have come up since the Infinity War keeps growing, especially after the release of Ant-Man & the Wasp and Captain Marvel. There are a lot of plot points that need further explanation and Avengers: Endgame holds the key to all of it.


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Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters on April 26. Don’t forget to book your tickets on Paytm.