5 Reasons Why Chhichhore is a Must Watch

Friends, drama, emotion, or learning – what is the one thing about college life which makes it such an unforgettable experience for all of us? Directed by the masterful Nitesh Tiwari, Chhichhore is here to transport us back to the carefree college campus where so many crazy things happened. Let’s rewind a little and relive the best of times such as bunking classes, watching movies, and much more with the insane Losers gang. Here are the 5 reasons why Chhichhore is a must watch for everyone!

#1 Chhichhore: Awesome Cast

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With Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor leading the way, the film is packed with an impeccable cast and promises to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride. The ‘Chhicchora’ gang includes the hysterical Varun Sharma, amazing Naveen Polishetty, talented Tahir Raj Bhasin, and the gifted Prateik Babbar. Portraying the younger as well as older versions of their characters, the amazing chemistry between the ensemble is a sure thing to watchout for in Chhichhore.

#2 Chhichhore: Reliving College Masti


College is something which most of us yearn to relive for it gave us incredible memories for a lifetime. Whether it is bunking classes, the mouth-watering canteen food, the hostel ruckus, or celebrating fests, we all have a reason to relive the college life with our buddies. Needless to say, Chhichhore promises to be a full-on entertainer when it comes to portraying college romance, bizarre bromance, crazy rivalry and above all, celebrating friendships.

#3 Chhichhore: Brilliant Nitesh Tiwari

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Helmed by the masterful Nitesh Tiwari whose last venture was Dangal (2016), the highest grossing Indian film ever, this coming-of-age college drama celebrating life and friendships promises to be a unique experience for audiences. An IIT Mumbai graduate himself, Nitesh made his directorial debut with the National Award Winning Children Film, Chillar Party (2011). With a keen eye for perfection, the talented director is sure to deliver a box-office blockbuster with Chhichhore.

#4 Chhichhore: Relatable Characters

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Remember the alcoholic friend always ready for a drink, the nerdy Mumma’s boy, the HIGHLY abusive bloke, the motivational guy, and of course, the naughty one in the gang. Well, Chhichhore has the perfect cocktail of characters under the nicknames of Sexa, Bevda, Mummy, Acid, and Derek with whom you are sure to identify one of your Chhichhoras. The promising characters are sure to provide many hysterical as well as heartwarming moments, so be prepared for a memorable time at the movies. 

#5 Chhichhore: Friends Reunion

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The film follows the lives of seven friends from 1992 to present day where the group comes together for a reunion. And while the plot mainly focuses on the character’s life and times in college, their older versions are brought to the screen with much conviction and authenticity. As much as the film portrays the carefree college lifestyle of friends, it also emphasizes on their journeys afterwards which usually takes them on separate ways but never far from each other. 

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